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Roger Swint
Fire Science Technology, '08

A West Georgia Technical College graduate has been named fire chief after taking classes in fire science technology online...Read More

Cheryl Avery
Cosmetology, ‘12

An actress, hairstylist and makeup artist is leveraging her education from West Georgia Technical College to get her foot in the door in the Atlanta film and television production industry...Read More

Nicki Barradas
Business Management, ‘16

When Nicki Barradas graduated from West Georgia Technical College last December, she walked across the stage knowing she was the first member of her family to earn any kind of post-secondary degree...Read More

Mark Foster
Marketing Management, ‘02

Four days before he was supposed to start attending university classes, Mark Foster got a call...Read More

Kim Norman
Radiologic Technology, ‘05

Kim Norman likes to live life without regrets, but she still has one - West Georgia Technical College wasn't her first choice out of college...Read More

Felix Moten
Computer Information Systems, ‘91

A local pastor credits his two-year degree from West Georgia Technical College for his decades-long career in information technology...Read More

B.J. Brock
Cosmetology, ‘74; Practical Nursing, ‘85

B.J. Brock calls nursing a “calling,” but she didn’t hear that call until she’d worked as a cosmetologist for 10 years...Read More

Joey Sanders
Accounting, ‘06

Joey Sanders has three diplomas on the wall in his office. For him, one stands out...Read More

Jennifer "Pinky" Delagrange
Marketing Management, '94

Jennifer "Pinky" Delagrange has a bright streak of pink hair that matches her nickname and her personality...Read More

Edie Robinson
Computer Information Systems, '99

Edie Robinson didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up...Read More

Kelley McPherson
Nursing, '06

A member of West Georgia Technical College's inaugural Associate Degree in Nursing program, Kelley McPherson fell in love with nursing as a high-school student when she visited Higgins General Hospital in Haralson County...Read More

Brian Henderson
Computer Information Systems, '91 & '07

Brian Henderson says his story is “typical.” It’s anything but...Read More

Katie Kilgore
Marketing Management, '99

Katie Kilgore graduated from high school and attended a couple of four-year universities...Read More

Taurus Morris
Marketing Management, '11

Taurus Morris’ story packs a punch. Literally...Read More

Wanda Thomas
Criminal Justice, '16

When she was expecting her first daughter at age 16, Wanda Thomas was told she’d never make it further than a trailer park...Read More

Seth Massey
Automotive Technology, '12

Like most teenagers, Seth Massey didn’t like going to school. Now he’s a teacher...Read More

Allison Stone
Business Management, '14

Allison Stone was sitting in her nursing classes at West Georgia Tech, and it just wasn’t working...Read More

Elizabeth Langley
Business Administrative Tech/Accounting, '07

Her plan was to take a few classes at West Georgia Tech, then transfer to a university to finish a bachelor’s degree...Read More

Alexia West
Practical Nursing, ‘07

Bouncing around to a couple of state universities after high school, Alexia West never felt at home...Read More

Victor Jimenez
Marketing Management, '16

Victor Jimenez graduated from West Georgia Technical College just last May, but he’s on track to open his own State Farm office in about a year...Read More

M. Faye Beedles
Clerk Typing, '69

She was 13 years old and expecting her first and only child. Martha Faye Bailey had a choice: she could either drop out of school to raise her son, or she could stick with it and finish high school...Read More

Santez Kendrix
Computer Information Systems, '09

Santez Kendrix wasn’t one of those kids who built their first computer before they could drive, but he’s parlayed a small amount of interest sparked from burning CDs in high school into a career in information technology...Read More

Joel Rogers
Automotive Mechanics, '69

The mayor of the city of Franklin, who was a member of the first graduating class at Carroll Tech, now serves his former college on the West Georgia Technical College board of directors...Read More

Joe Pennington
Welding Technology, '13

Joe Pennington was making lucrative money as a welder – up to $1,000 per day on one job – but he left it all behind to become an instructor at his alma mater...Read More

Michelle Smith
Practical Nursing, ‘93; Registered Nursing, ‘15

When the nursery department at the hospital where Michelle Smith works changed its policy a few years ago, requiring all nurses to be Registered Nurses, Michelle Smith had a choice to make...Read More

Clint Hudgins
Computer Information Systems, ‘12

When Clint Hudgins was 31 years old, with two young sons, he started a new life...Read More

Paige Johnson
Practical Nursing, ‘99

From elementary school through high school, Paige Johnson was intimidated by school...Read More

Willie Ford
Welding Technology, ‘06

When the company Willie Ford worked for went out of business in 2003, he had a couple of options...Read More

Michael Mize
Medical Assisting, ‘15

When he graduated from high school, Michael Mize didn’t have the test scores to attend the four-year university he wanted...Read More

Tiffany Jacobs
Computer Information Systems, ‘97

When she was in her 20s, Tiffany Jacobs went to a job interview that changed her life...Read More

Deborah Rogers
Business Administrative Technology, ‘04

Deborah Rogers had spent more than three decades in the textile industry when she was laid off in the early 2000s...Read More

Scott Blue
Fire Science Technology, ‘14

Scott Blue, who’s been fighting fires for nearly four decades, said attending West Georgia Technical College reignited his passion for fire rescue...Read More

Katie Gutierrez
Clinical Laboratory Technology, ‘05

Katie Gutierrez hates bugs and has devoted her life’s work to killing them...Read More

Buddy Lee
Drafting Technology, ‘90

In the late 1980s, Buddy Lee took a tour of what was then called Troup Tech, but what has since been renamed to West Georgia Technical College...Read More

Cody Barrett
CNC Technology, ‘14

Cody Barrett will have a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering within a year, but he’s thankful he started out at West Georgia Technical College...Read More

Rebecca Terrell
Cosmetology, ‘13

At the salon where she works, Rebecca Terrell has a waiting list of clients wanting to get their hair styled by her. She thanks West Georgia Technical College for that...Read More

Candice Richard
Dental Hygiene, ‘16

It all started with a Google search...Read More

Jesse Kwak
Computer Information Systems, ’14 & ‘16

Jesse Kwak started attending West Georgia Technical College in 2013, and he’s still with the college now – as a staff member, working in the field in which he was trained...Read More

Nick Carlisle
Air Conditioning Technology, ‘06

Nick Carlisle had a good job that paid well, but he woke up one morning with a feeling of uncertainty in his gut...Read More

Larry ‘Pat’ Patrick
Fire Science Technology, ‘03

One West Georgia Technical College graduate struck oil with his degree...Read More

Mariah Warwick
Registered Nursing, ‘16

Mariah Warwick had just gotten her GED from West Georgia Technical College when someone handed her a brochure...Read More

Alex Reuter
Welding & Joining Technology, ‘16

Alex Reuter graduated from high school last May. Now he’s making $80,000 a year...Read More

Dr. Michelle Boyce
Dental Hygiene, ‘99

Dr. Michelle Boyce was a student in the School of Health Sciences at West Georgia Technical College less than 20 years ago...Read More

Andrea Laminack
Welding and Joining Technology, ‘14

Andrea Laminack is a welder, and it’s a good thing she loves it...Read More

Judy Doggrell
Commercial Truck Driving, ‘09

It was near the beginning of the Great Recession, and Judy Doggrell didn’t know how long her job would last...Read More

Jeanne Buchanan
Business, ‘74

Jeanne Buchanan was close to graduating from West Georgia Technical College – called Carroll Tech at the time – when a representative from Southwire Company interviewed her for a position at the Carrollton manufacturer...Read More

Tim Smith
Air Conditioning Technology, ’05

Tim Smith had about a decade of experience in heating and air conditioning before signing up for Air Conditioning Technology classes at West Georgia Technical College...Read More

Dicylle Elder
Cosmetology, ‘84

Dicylle Elder has gone from cutting her children’s hair in her kitchen to owning a successful salon for three decades, thanks in part to a diploma she earned from West Georgia Technical College more than 30 years ago...Read More

Heather Andrews
Accounting, ‘94

It’s a good thing Heather Andrews has always liked math: she took five calculus classes before realizing she didn’t want to be a computer engineer....Read More