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Answering the Call of Excellence

Mission Statement

The ACE Program (Answering the Call of Excellence) is an academic advising, counseling, mentoring, and social support program intended to provide academic enrichment, leadership development, enhanced sense of professionalism and self-advocacy, critical thinking and communication skills leading to program completion, graduation and employment for students attending West Georgia Technical College. Students from all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to participate as well.

Vision Statement

The goal is to enroll approximately 25% of all new African American male students as well as enlist those currently enrolled at WGTC who have shown interest in the program. The specific goals are as follows:

  • To strengthen self-esteem, and enhance personal satisfaction with the educational experience at West Georgia Technical College through planned social, recreational, and educational activities.

  • To enhance access to counselors, advisors, and mentors to improve motivation and self-awareness/self-actualization.

  • To improve transition from academic learning support curriculum to the general education curriculum in an effort to improve first to second year retention.

  • To increase the number of credit hours earned towards graduation by decreasing the number of credit hours attempted and not successfully completed.

  • To improve financial literacy and personal responsibility in an effort to decrease dropout for financial reasons.

  • To successfully place graduates in employment opportunities as well as exploring the possibilities of transfer to other two year and four year educational programs.

The ACE Program vision statement and goals will be met through a series of workshop experiences, group leadership training, and social activities designed to maximize a students potential for academic retention, program completion and graduation.

Participating students will receive enhanced counseling and academic support, attend informational workshops, receive employment coaching from mentors, and participate in social activities.

For more information about the ACE program, contact:

Tara Moten
Chair, ACE Program
Carroll Campus
Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 8:30am - 5:00pm or Tuesday & Thursday 8:30am-2:30pm

Or contact one of the ACE program coordinators:

Murphy Campus: Tammy R. Wright, 770-537-5712

Carroll Campus: Tara Moten, 770-838-2589

Douglas Campus: Janierro Hailey, 770-947-7223

Coweta & LaGrange Campus: Dr. Scott Ross, 770-755-7827

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