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  • Guaranteed course availability
  • Personalized advisor support
  • Learning community through cohort groups
  • Designated instructors for program level courses

Consider these GPS programs!

Diesel Equipment Technology - DiplomaPDF

  • Program Completion in 4 semesters on Carroll Campus
  • Prepares students for position as a Diesel Equipment Technician
  • Average semester credits of 13-15 credit hours
  • Classes include repair of trucks, heavy equipment, marine, and power generators
  • Program heavily emphasizes hands-on skills with courses including both theory and practical applications
  • Students study and learn from each other as cohesive group through the program
  • Coursework in Diesel technology begins from class day one

Medical Coding - Technical CertificatePDF

  • Program completion in 2 semesters
  • Provides good experience for students interested in continuing their education toward an Associate's degree or Diploma in Health Information related degrees.
  • Courses are offered online for working flexibility
  • Strong medical field volume availability in West Georgia area.
  • 24 Credit Hours, with average of 3 courses per semester
  • Designated Instructor for MAST coursework
  • Up to date training including ICD-10 framework
  • Helps prepare students for Certified Professional Coder, Certified Out Patient Coder, and other National Coding Certifications
  • Excellent option for those interested in a combination of medical and business related fields

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