Admissions Categories and Information

1. Admission categories to a technical college will be one of the following: Regular, Provisional, Special or Transient.

2. Minimum admissions requirements are specified in each certificate, diploma and degree program.

Regular Status

Students who meet all requirements for admission into a selected program and are eligible to take all courses in the program curriculum are granted regular admission status.

Provisional Status

Students who do not meet all requirements for regular admission into a selected program are granted provisional admission status. Provisionally admitted students may take learning support classes, and certain specified occupational courses as long as class pre- and co-requisites are satisfied.

All certificate, diploma, and associate degree program students initially admitted on a provisional basis must have satisfactorily completed the necessary prerequisite and learning support course work in order to progress through the State Standard Curriculum.

Special Admit Status (Non-credential seeking)

Applicants who wish to take credit coursework, but are not seeking a certificate, diploma, or associate degree are granted Special Admit status. The following specifics define the parameters of this status:

  • May apply up to a maximum of 17 semester credit hours into a specific program for credential seeking purposes after achieving regular admit status. The number of hours taken as a special admit student in no way waives the requirements of the regular admission process.
  • Should adhere to the specific institutional prerequisite requirements when selecting courses.
  • Will not be eligible for any financial aid.

Transient Status

Students who submit a Transient Agreement Letter from their home institution are granted Transient admission status. The Transient Agreement Letter should verify that the student is in good standing and should list the courses the student is eligible to take. A current Transient Agreement Letter is required for each term of enrollment.

The transient student must:

  1. Complete and submit application for admission with a one-time nonrefundable $25 fee.

  2. Submit a transient student letter for initial admission and prior to registration for each subsequent semester of attendance. The letter should be issued by the registrar to the effect that the student is in good standing and eligible to return to that college. The letter must state the course(s) the student may take for the specific semester of attendance and must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar at least two weeks prior to the scheduled registration date.

  3. Students receiving financial aid at their home college will also need to submit a transient letter with proof of financial aid status prior to registration for each semester of attendance. The letter must state the student's financial aid eligibility for the specific semester of attendance and must be submitted to the Office of Registrar at least two weeks prior to the scheduled registration date.

Requirements for Transient Permission at WGTC:

  1. Student must be a current student or complete a student update for current semester.

  2. Student must be in good academic standing.

  3. Course(s) must be required for student's current program of study at WGTC.

Note: If the request is for transient classes online at another Technical College System of Georgia college, a student must apply through Georgia Virtual Technical College (GVTC) at the website Students must adhere to the deadline for transient students posted by the host college as they may differ from WGTC.


Students who withdraw in good standing from West Georgia and wish to re-enter must apply to the Office of Student Affairs no less than four (4) weeks prior to registration.

  1. If out only one semester, a student is not required to reapply unless they wish to change their program of study. All other students must reapply.

  2. Submit a Student Application.

  3. Submit to the Office of Student Affairs official transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended since the last enrollment at WGTC.

  4. Meet the West Georgia Technical College General Catalog admission requirements in affect at the time of readmission. Student being readmitted after a break in enrollment (of at least two semesters) must re-enter under the current catalog, admission requirement and program standards.

  5. Returning students absent from WGTC for more than five years may be required to submit official transcripts and/or new placement examination scores. Student documents are maintained for five years after the last date of attendance.

Double Programs/Majors

The opportunity to pursue a double program/major is available on a limited basis. A student may request approval of a double program/major by submitting an Admissions Update Form in the Office of Student Affairs.

  • Student must have regular program admission in the primary program.

  • Student must be in good academic standing.

  • Programs must have a common core curriculum and be closely related.

  • Dual majors may be a combination of two technical certificates of credit, two diplomas, or two associate degrees only.

Admissions Appeal

Applicants who feel that they were unjustly denied admission to West Georgia Technical College may appeal to the Vice President for Student Affairs. The appeal must be made in writing within five days of the student's receipt of the admissions denial letter. The Vice President for Student Affairs will make a written report of findings within ten working days of receipt of the written appeal. Further appeal may be made to the President of the College.

Program Categories: Certificate/Diploma/Degree

Any student who has been admitted through the regular admissions procedures and is following a course of study toward a certificate, diploma, or degree in any of the programs offered by West Georgia is classified as a certificate, diploma, or degree credit student.

Credit for High School Coursework

A student who has successfully completed a secondary Career Pathway Program of Study (three courses within a single pathway) may be eligible for articulated postsecondary course credit. The College has articulation agreements in place with the local school systems identifying courses in the areas of business, health occupations, and marketing, as well as trade and technical and general core courses. The applicant shall be responsible for procuring the proper documentation for articulation credit review.

  1. Student must meet all admissions requirements as stated by the institution.

  2. Student must submit an official high school transcript identifying completion of a Career Pathway Program of Study.

  3. Student must complete courses to be articulated with a minimum grade of 85%.

  4. Student must submit a Documentation of Articulated Credit form identifying secondary course(s) completed and postsecondary course(s) articulated. The teacher's signature is required for each secondary course.

  5. Student must enroll in the postsecondary institution within 18 months of high school graduation.

  6. Articulated course credit will be transferred upon successful completion of a course skills/knowledge validation exam.

  7. All articulated courses will be exempt from fees.

For more information about Career Pathways or course articulation agreements, please contact a High School Coordinator at 770.947.7272 or 770.755.7409.

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