Program Sequencing Sheets:

General Education Courses
AA-General Education Courses-Degree Level 
AA-General Education Courses-Diploma Level

School of Business and Public Services

Accounting   Cosmetology and Esthetician
Accounting AAS Degree   Cosmetology Diploma (Choose Fall, Spring, or
Accounting Diploma   Summer Start)
Computerized Accounting Specialist Certificate   Esthetician Certificate
Office Accounting Specialist Certificate   Shampoo Technician Certificate
Payroll Accounting Specialist Certificate   Barbering II Certificate
Tax Preparation Specialist Certificate    
    Criminal Justice
Business Management   Criminal Justice AAS Degree
Business Management AAS Degree   Criminal Justice Technology AAS Degree
Business Management Diploma   Criminal Justice Technology Diploma
Human Resource Management Specialist Certificate   Crime Scene Fundamentals Certificate
Service Sector Management Specialist Certificate   Criminal Justice Fundamentals Certificate
Hospitality Operations Associate Certificate    
    Culinary Arts
Business Technology   Culinary Arts AAS Degree
Business Technology Degree   Culinary Arts Diploma
Health Information Management Technology Degree   Baking and Pastry Specialist Certificate
Business Technology Diploma Business Specialization   Catering Specialist Certificate
Administrative Support Assistant Certificate   Food Production Worker I Certificate
Medical Billing Clerk Certificate   Prep Cook Certificate
Microsoft Excel Application User Certificate   Restaurant Operations Certificate
Microsoft Office Application Professional Certificate    
Microsoft Word Application Professional Certificate   Early Childhood Care and Education
Technical Specialist Certificate   Early Childhood Care and Education AAS Degree
    Early Childhood Care and Education Diploma
Computer Information Systems   Child Development Specialist Certificate
Computer Programming AAS Degree   Early Childhood Care and Education Basics
Computer Support Specialist AAS Degree   Infant and Toddler Child Care Specialist Certificate
Networking AAS Specialist Degree    
Computer Support Specialist Diploma   General Business
Networking Specialist Diploma   AS Degree in General Business
Animation and Game Design Specialist Certificate    
Game Development Specialist Certificate   Marketing Management
Help Desk Specialist Certificate   Marketing Management AAS Degree
PC Repair and Network Technician Certificate   Marketing Management Diploma
    Small Business Marketing Manager Certificate
Business Healthcare Technology    
Business Healthcare Technology AAS Degree    
Business Healthcare Technology Diploma    
Healthcare Billing and Reimbursement Certificate    

School of Health Sciences

Clinical Laboratory Technology   Medical Assisting
Clinical Lab Technology AAS Degree   Medical Assistant Diploma
Phlebotomy Technician Certificate   Medical Coding Certificate
HCS Advising Sheet for Clinical Lab Technology   HCA Advising Sheet for Medical Assisting
Dental Assisting   Pharmacy Technology
Advanced Dental Assisting Certificate   Pharmacy Assistant Certificate
Dental Assisting Basic Certificate    
    Radiologic Technology
Dental Hygiene   Radiologic Technology AAS Degree
Dental Hygiene AAS Degree   Computed Tomography Specialist Certificate
HCS Advising Sheet for Dental Hygiene   Mammography Certificate
    HCS Advising Sheet for Radiologic Technology
Emergency Medical Services    
Basic and Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Fall Start   Surgical Technology
Basic and Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Spring Start   Surgical Technology Diploma
    HCA Advising Sheet for Surgical Tech
Fire Science Technology    
Fire Science Technology AAS Degree    
Fire Science Technology Diploma    

School of Nursing

Practical Nursing and Related Programs    
Practical Nursing Diploma    
Nurse Aide Certificate    
Patient Care Assistant Certificate    
HCA Advising Sheet for Practical Nursing    
Registered Nursing    
Registered Nursing -Associate Degree in Nursing-ADN    
HCS Advising Sheet for Registered Nursing    

School of Trade and Technology

Air Conditioning Technology   Engineering Technology
Air Conditioning Technology Diploma   Engineering Technology AAS Degree
Air Conditioning Electrical Technician Certificate   Manufacturing Technician Certificate
Air Conditioning Repair Specialist Certificate    
Air Conditioning Technician Assistant Certificate   Industrial Systems Technology
Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Technician Certificate   Electrical Control Systems Diploma
    Industrial Mechanical Systems Diploma
Automotive Technology   Industrial Systems Technology Diploma
Automotive Technology Diploma   Industrial Electrician Certificate
Automotive Chassis Technician Certificate   Electrical Maintenance Technician Certificate
Automotive Climate Control Technician Certificate   Industrial Systems Fundamentals Certificate
Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems Certificate   Industrial Systems Mechanic Certificate
Automotive Engine Performance Technician Certificate   Programmable Control Technician Certificate
Automotive Engine Repair Technician Certificate    
Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Technician Specialist Certificate    
    Machine Tool Technology
    CNC Technology Diploma
    Machine Tool Technology Diploma
Commercial Truck Driving   Basic Machining Operator Certificate
Commercial Truck Driving Certificate   Basic Machinist Certificate
    CNC Specialist Certificate
Diesel Equipment Technology   Lathe Operator Certificate
Diesel Equipment Technology Diploma   Mill Operator Certificate
Diesel Electrical/Electronic System Technician Certificate    
Diesel Engine Service Technician Certificate   Precision Manufacturing and Maintenance
Heavy Diesel Service Technician Certificate   Precision Manufacturing and Maintenance AAS Degree
    Precision Manufacturing and Maintenance Diploma
Drafting   Industrial Machining Technician Certificate
Drafting Technology Diploma   Industrial Maintenance Technician Certificate
Drafter's Assistant Certificate   Manufacturing Maintenance Technician Certificate
CAD Operator Certificate   Manufacturing Production Assistant Certificate
Advanced CAD Technician Certificate (Choose   Manufacturing Systems Technician Certificate
Mechanical or Architectural)   Mechanical Maintenance Technician Certificate
Electrical Construction and Maintenance    
Electrical Systems Technology Diploma   Welding and Joining Technology
Commercial Wiring Certificate   Welding and Joining Technology Diploma
Energy Industry Fundamentals Certificate   Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welder Certificate
Photovoltaic Systems Installation and Repair Technician Certificate   Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder Certificate
Residential Wiring Technician Certificate   Gas Metal Arc Welder TCC
    Gas Tungsten Arc Welder Certificate
Electronics and Telecommunications   Pipe Welder Certificate
Electronics Technology AAS Degree    
Electronics Technology Diploma    
Basic Electronics Assembler Certificate    
Electronics Technician Certificate