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ANGEL is WGTC's learning management system. Learn about how to view course content and communicate with your instructor and classmates plus lots more by reading the information on the following pages. There are different activities on each page for you to do to practice what you just learned. Now, let's get started!

Course Navigation

The ANGEL Home page (ANGEL Home) functions primarily as the log-in screen and starting point for each ANGEL session.


The left edge of the ANGEL Home page is called the Power Strip; this area contains basic system navigation tools. Other sections of the screen enable you to log into ANGEL and access various resources.

Navigation Tools

There are three system navigation tools at the top of the Power Strip. These icons are always available on the ANGEL Home page and when you are working in a course or a group.


The following table explains these navigation tools.


Name - Description

Home – Returns you to your home page

Help – Displays ANGEL online help, guides, and resources

Log Off – Logs you out of the ANGEL environment

Personal Home Page

When you log into ANGEL, your personal home page (Home) appears. Home enables you to access all the courses and groups in which you are enrolled. The page also provides a variety of tools to assist you with your coursework.


Personal Navigation Tools

Your personal home page features a set of navigation tools, located in the Power Strip along the left edge of the screen. These icons are always available on your personal home page and whenever you are working in a course or group.


The following table describes these navigation tools.


Name - Description

Home – Returns you to your home page

Help – Displays ANGEL online help, guides, and resources

Log Off – Logs you out of the ANGEL environment


Personal Preferences – Provides access to your user settings, such as your personal information, password, theme selector, system settings,
and PDA agent.

There are two additional accessibility-related icons at the bottom of the page that function as illustrated and described below.


Name - Description

508 – Allows you to create a profile that describes your particular needs for accessing course material. If necessary, you can access an ACCLIP for use with ANGEL.

The acronym ACCLIP stands for "Accessibility for Learner Information Profile." ANGEL's Accessibility menu allows you to create, save, or import ACCLIP profiles.

PDA – Allows you to activate ANGEL in PDA mode. Page layout and navigation are customized to suit your selection.

Personal Preferences

Clicking the Personal Preferences icon (  ) opens the Preferences window. From this window, you can customize the information about your profile and courses, change your password (if applicable), adjust system settings, and further configure ANGEL to suit your needs.

The Preferences window contains the following links:


Your Courses

The Courses section of your personal home page gives you access to all the courses for which you are enrolled, either as a student or instructor. To access a course, simply click its name; information about the selected course appears on a new page. Please remember that you will not see your courses listed until the first day of classes.

Screen shot of Courses Module

Navigation Tabs/Bread Crumbs

When you access a course, a set of navigation tabs appears across the top of the ANGEL window. Click a tab to view a page containing one or more specific types of information about the course. Your instructor will explain how they use ANGEL and which features they expect you to use in their course. The Student Quickstart Guide is a helpful tool to review before classes begin. As you navigate through the tabs, the Bread Crumb frame updates to show your current location within the course-related information.

The following tabs are available for each course:

Hyperlink to Labeling Activity  


 Toggle open/close quiz question

Value: 8
Match the items.
The task is to match the lettered items with the correct numbered items. Appearing below is a list of lettered items. Following that is a list of numbered items. Each numbered item is followed by a drop-down. Select the letter in the drop down that best matches the numbered item with the lettered alternatives.
a. Preferences
b. Power Strip
c. Personal Home page
d. Navigation Tabs
e. Help
f. Angel Home page
g. Breadcrumb
h. Library, Calendar, News, Public Surveys and Forums

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