Course Mail

In most cases your instructor will use the Course Mail feature in Angel. Here, you can send and receive mail messages from your instructor or other class members. To access Course Mail, click the Communicate tab.


View Inbox

Clicking the Communicate tab takes you to the Communicate screen. You may click View Inbox to view all incoming messages, and to compose messages. If you would like to simply send a message without viewing your inbox, you may click Quick Message. Unread Messages displays a count of unread messages in your inbox.



To compose a new message, simply click the Compose button.


Retrieve Addresses

After clicking the Compose button, you will notice that your e-mail box looks very much like a word processor or standard e-mail program. To retrieve your instructor or class member e-mail addresses, simply click the To button.


Value: 1
Match the items.
The task is to match the lettered items with the correct numbered items. Appearing below is a list of lettered items. Following that is a list of numbered items. Each numbered item is followed by a drop-down. Select the letter in the drop down that best matches the numbered item with the lettered alternatives.
a. Jane Doe, SCT 100
b. Tells what your email is about. You should always include it.
c. Will retrieve instructor/classmate e-mail addresses.
d. Bypasses inbox, composes message.
e. Contains your message, reference to attachments if applicable, and proper closing.
f. Contains your unread/read messages.
g. Will attach files to your email message.

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