Next Steps

1.On the next page submit your results and Print your Score Summary.

2.Log in to Self Service Banner Web for the first time. Not sure how to do this or have some questions? Please click this link and read the First Time User Tutorial.

3.Set up your email. Again, if you have questions, please click the above link and this time read about Obtaining Email User Name.

4.Email the Advising Center at, using your student email account, to receive a Program Sequencing Plan. Please include your name, student ID number and your program of study.

5.According to the Academic Calendar, self-register for your classes, following your advisement plan. You should be able to do this from any computer with Internet access.

6.Print out your schedule for your first day of class.

7.Pay any outstanding tuition, fees, or other charges through Self Service Banner Web before the payment deadline. Failure to do this will cause you to lose all your classes.

8.Buy your books. Financial aid will usually be on your account in the bookstore about a week before classes begin.

9.Begin checking your student email even before classes begin.

10.Once classes begin, you will need to have a student ID card made. Locations for this service will vary according to your campus.

Note: If you are a student entering a competitive selection diploma or degree healthcare program, please review your acceptance letter. Your instructions are different in some areas.

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