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Once you have correctly answered 80% of the questions (16 out of 20) you are ready to submit your New Student Orientation.

By submitting your orientation assessment, you are affirming that you have viewed the orientation, including the links to the Student Handbook, the Catalog, and the WGTC website. You also affirm that you understand that you need to set up your student email immediately and begin checking it daily for important information. Many self service features are managed through Self Service Banner Web, so it is necessary for you to learn how to navigate Self Service Banner Web as soon as possible.


You have completed the WGTC New Student Orientation! If you correctly answered 16 or more of the questions, you are almost ready to press the submit button at the bottom.

Please follow the instructions in your acceptance letter concerning advisement and registration. Also, keep reading for what you need to do next.

Before you press the Email Score button you need to give us your name and student ID# (not your social security number) in the "name or identifier" field below as shown in the following example:


Edgar McGee, 900012345


Once you have entered your name and your student ID# press the Email Score button below to send it to the Student Advising Center.

Your results will be automatically submitted when you press the button. You do not need to print out the form.

After finishing this lesson, complete the form below:

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