New Student Orientation

Welcome To West Georgia Technical College!

Once you have received your acceptance letter, please complete this orientation prior to advisement and registration. Navigate your way through the entire orientation by using the "next" or "previous" options on each page. There is also an index on the left side of the page that will help you go to specific sections.

Welcome From The President

College Catalog and Student Handbook

As a student, you are responsible for understanding and abiding by the policies and procedures of the College. The College Catalog and the Student Handbook, along with our website ( are important sources of information. Please click and explore each of the following links. Remember, there will be a test!

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Each of our five campuses has an Enrollment Center staffed with an Enrollment Center Coordinator, Admissions Counselors, Cashier, Financial Aid Specialists, and Student Affairs Assistants. Please click here for more information on Admissions or feel free to visit the Center that is most convenient to you if you need assistance in any of these areas.

If you are considering a change in your program of study, please speak to your academic advisor as well as to a financial aid specialist before completing an Admissions Update Form and submitting it to an Enrollment Center. There are important considerations involved in changing a program! A $10 processing fee will be assessed. Please allow 3 days for processing your change of program.

If you have a change in your contact information, name, or residency, please complete an Admissions Update form.

Admission to most of our Health Sciences diploma and degree programs is based on a competitive selection process. There are minimum requirements for admission to individual Health Sciences programs, and meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.

If you are pursuing entrance into a competitive healthcare program, please visit a special section of our website devoted to the competitive selection process. You will also need to attend a health orientation workshop and view a separate orientation video in addition to this one. See your admissions letter for more information. Please click here for important information on competitive healthcare advising!


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Your academic advisor is the person that will help guide you along as you plan your schedule each semester. Your advisor may change as you progress or if your program changes. 

Student Advising Center

Competitive Healthcare Advising

Things to consider when choosing classes and planning your schedule:

Registration and Registrar Information

Please be sure that you are aware of important dates such as payment deadlines, withdrawal dates, and registration periods. Planning ahead and meeting deadlines are important ways to get (and keep) the schedule you want. There is a lot of important information on the website. Please be sure that you look at all the links from this orientation.

Fee Payment Deadlines and Policy


Check your Self Service Banner Web and the school's website for each semester's fee payment deadline.

It is the student's responsibility to be aware of the fee payment deadline each semester. Failure to pay any money owed to the College by this deadline will result in the student being administratively withdrawn from all classes.

To find your balance, you may look on your Self Service Banner Web account or contact a cashier on any campus.

NOTE: All refunds are sent to students by Automatic Deposit. Students must complete an ACH form to submit their account information. See more info here.

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Financial Aid

The purpose of the Office of Student Financial Aid is to offer connections to grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study employment to assist students with the cost of their education. All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid.

Before you make a decision to drop a class, withdraw completely, change your program, take a class outside of your program, or retake a class for a better grade, please make sure that you understand how your decision will affect your financial aid. Read the information provided on the website or see a financial aid specialist.

NOTE: ACH direct deposit. See more info here.

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Self Service Banner Web – The Power of Knowledge

Self Service Banner Web is the online tool that allows you to manage your personal and academic information at West Georgia Technical College. Most features are available to you 24/7, except registration which has specific times and dates when you can access it. With Self Service Banner Web, you can do the following:

Self Service Banner Web – Important Links

Please click on some of the following links and get acquainted with Self Service Banner Web. Some of the features will not be available to you until you have registered for classes. Later, please come back to this area until you are comfortable with Self Service Banner Web.

Student E-Mail Account

Don't delay. Set it up today!

Online Learning

At WGTC, we are excited about Distance-Learning! There are 3 different options for Online Learning:

Online - A course in which all instruction occurs online, and testing may occur online or in a proctored environment.

Hybrid - A course in which 25 - 50 percent of the learning activities are conducted online. Traditional class meeting times will vary within these guidelines, depending on course content and instructor discretion. Meeting times will be predetermined and specified in the class schedule.

Web-enhanced - A traditional classroom course that uses the Internet as a component of the course. That component supports classroom instruction and may require students to use the Internet in order to interact with one another and the instructor, do research, complete and/or submit assignments, or take tests.

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Support Services – Student Resources

Student Success is very important to us at WGTC! We have many resources in place to help you be successful. The following are just a few. Please familiarize yourself with each area at this time.

Student Activities

There is more to the college experience than just the classroom. At West Georgia Technical College, we encourage our students to get involved through student organizations and student activities. The Office of Student Activities is committed to the character and social development of our students. The office strives to provide leadership opportunities for students that enrich their experiences here at West Georgia Technical College.

Please explore some of our student organizations by clicking on the links below:

Golden Knights Athletics

We love athletics at WGTC! Whether you are interested in learning more about our baseball, basketball, or softball teams, we encourage you to visit our athletics website at

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Special Population Form

*The following is a MANDATORY survey that is required to be completed by all new credit students.

*In order to best serve the needs of each of our students, WGTC would like to know if you meet any of the criteria listed in the form. Please answer each of the questions. You can choose as many as are appropriate. Should you choose not to disclose this information, you may do so by checking the appropriate option. Please note that while this information is gathered to better serve your individual needs, it is also used for educational federal reporting purposes.

Click here to open the form in a new window.

Next Steps

1.On the next page submit your results and Print your Score Summary.

2.Log in to Self Service Banner Web for the first time. Not sure how to do this or have some questions? Please click this link and read the First Time User Tutorial.

3.Set up your email. Again, if you have questions, please click the above link and this time read about Obtaining Email User Name.

4.Email the Advising Center at, using your student email account, to receive a Program Sequencing Plan. Please include your name, student ID number and your program of study.

5.According to the Academic Calendar, self-register for your classes, following your advisement plan. You should be able to do this from any computer with Internet access.

6.Print out your schedule for your first day of class.

7.Pay any outstanding tuition, fees, or other charges through Self Service Banner Web before the payment deadline. Failure to do this will cause you to lose all your classes.

8.Buy your books. Financial aid will usually be on your account in the bookstore about a week before classes begin.

9.Begin checking your student email even before classes begin.

10.Once classes begin, you will need to have a student ID card made. Locations for this service will vary according to your campus.

Note: If you are a student entering a competitive selection diploma or degree healthcare program, please review your acceptance letter. Your instructions are different in some areas.

Submit Your Results

Once you have correctly answered 80% of the questions (16 out of 20) you are ready to submit your New Student Orientation.

By submitting your orientation assessment, you are affirming that you have viewed the orientation, including the links to the Student Handbook, the Catalog, and the WGTC website. You also affirm that you understand that you need to set up your student email immediately and begin checking it daily for important information. Many self service features are managed through Self Service Banner Web, so it is necessary for you to learn how to navigate Self Service Banner Web as soon as possible.


You have completed the WGTC New Student Orientation! If you correctly answered 16 or more of the questions, you are almost ready to press the submit button at the bottom.

Please follow the instructions in your acceptance letter concerning advisement and registration. Also, keep reading for what you need to do next.

If you are a new Healthcare Science or Healthcare Assistant student, you have additional online orientations and workshops to attend. Please review your acceptance letter if you are unsure of the process. These sessions will give you extremely important information concerning the competitive selection process and requirements.

Before you press the Email Score button you need to give us your full name and student ID# (not your social security number) in the "name or identifier" field below as shown in the following example:


Edgar McGee, 900012345


Please note that you must have both your first name and your last name as well as your student ID number (just like the example above).

Once you have entered your name and your student ID# press the Email Score button below to send it to the Student Advising Center.

Your results will be automatically submitted when you press the Email Score button. Please give the system a minimum of 3 business hours to update your account before you try to register. Again remember that you must score an 80% or better for your orientation to count. .