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The Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership (GOAL) program is sponsored at the state level by the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia. The program strives to give recognition to the importance of technical education.

Students are nominated annually by their instructors. The selected students prepare for two rounds of interviews that are held within the college to determine the school winner. The finalist represents West Georgia Technical College in the statewide competition.


2016 GOAL Finalist


Students are nominated by instructors to compete in the WGTC Student of the Year competition called the Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership (GOAL).  All students must have a minimum of 15 credit hours, a 3.0+ GPA and an average work ethic grade of a 2. Below are the students nominated for the 2016 competition and they’re nominating instructor’s names.

2016 WGTC GOAL Nominee Nominating Instructors Name
Christopher "Cody" Ziegler Joey Sanders
Danya Moon C. Jonneen Miller
Eric Vaughn Gina McFarlin
Hollie Taylor C. Jonneen Miller
Jacqueline Deanna Webb Dr. Phyllis Ingham
Jennifer Karaty Dr. Judy S. Jackson
Jessica Thomas Jeremy W. Bishop, M.S., D.C
Kathryn Waylett C. Jonneen Miller
Kayla Bowden Dale McElwaney
Mary T. Griffies Jeremy W. Bishop, M.S., D.C
Megan Johnson Gina McFarlin
Mia McLendon Kimberly Nolan
Miranda Wise Chef Tricia Vera
Samuel Ebonni Jennifer Webb
Sara Garcia Dr. Judy S. Jackson
Sara Myers Chef Tricia Vera
Stacey P. Brewer C. Jonneen Miller
Stanley Kuhn Dr. Judy S. Jackson

2016 External Judges

2016 External Judges


R to L: Donna Lackey, Sen. Mike Dugan, Andy Camp, Rep. Randy Nix, Shana Anderson

2016 Internal Screening Committee (not pictured):  LaToya Cotton, Thomas Meunier, Emanuel Mitchell, Brian Barkley, Cynthia Stephens

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