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VOICES - Creative Arts Magazine


2014 VOICES Editors

VOICES Magazine is a student organization supported by the Student Activities Council.  Therefore, we welcome any currently enrolled student to volunteer to help with the magazine.  Student editors help with promoting the magazine, encouraging student participation, selecting the work, arranging the magazine’s layout, and binding the magazine for publication.  All interested students should contact the editor-in-chief at voices@westgatech.edu.

Submit work to voices@westgatech.edu or one of the following editors:


Dr. Jeremy Bishop, 202 Coweta Campus, (770) 755-7404, jeremy.bishop@westgatech.edu

Teresa Garrison, 1133A Murphy Campus, (770) 537-5718, teresa.garrison@westgatech.edu

Tricia Ivey, 505A LaGrange West Campus, (706) 756-4564, trish.ivey@westgatech.edu

Jennifer Jiles-Davis, 306F Carroll Campus, (770) 836-6866, jennifer.jiles@westgatech.edu

Lauren Lunk, 2158A Murphy Campus, (770) 824-5242, lauren.lunk@westgatech.edu

Carol Pearson, 113F Carroll Campus, (770) 838-3137, carol.pearson@westgatech.edu

Susan Prestridge, 110 LaGrange West Campus, (706) 756-4652, susan.prestridge@westgatech.edu

Pam Sanders, 2176A Murphy Campus, (770) 537-5753, pam.sanders@westgatech.edu

Kyle Taylor, Editor-in-Chief, 2113B Murphy, (770) 537-6014, kyle.taylor@westgatech.edu


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