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The Learning Support Program at West Georgia Technical College serves students who are in need of academic assistance. It includes learning support courses designed to improve students' basic abilities in the areas of English composition, mathematics, and reading skills. These courses, designated by course number 0090, carry institutional credit and may be taken prior to enrollment in credit courses or in combination with credit courses, depending on a student's admission status.

Students required to take learning support courses must take those classes each semester until they have fulfilled the requirements.

In order to successfully complete learning support courses that lead to an Associate of Applied Science degree course of study, students must pass an exit exam with a qualifying score before entering credit classes that require regular status admission.

Learning support courses will be covered by Title IV assistance if the student is enrolled as a provisional admit student in an eligible program at West Georgia Technical College and the learning support course is required by the College.

Grades received for learning support courses are counted in the HOPE Scholarship GPA calculation. All learning support courses are included in the 67 percent hours attempted completion rate.

Learning Support Courses Over Five Years Old
Learning support courses over five years old must be repeated unless the student presents acceptable placement test scores less than five years old. The student may retake the placement exam if the exam scores are over five years old.

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