School of Arts and Sciences

The demand for qualified personal & public service professionals continues to rise. Here at West Georgia Technical College, we offer programs to prepare you for this challenging career area with high-caliber instruction and up-to-date laboratory facilities. By combining small classes with a dedicated faculty, we can help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary for future jobs.


AS in Psychology

General Education:

The General Education department at West Georgia Technical College provides the general core courses required by other college programs.

These courses help prepare students to grow intellectually.

General Education Faculty

General Education Courses

Arts Courses

Biology Courses

Chemistry Courses

College Success Courses

Economic Courses

Employability Skills Courses

English Courses

History Courses

Humanities Courses

Math Courses

Music Appreciation Course

Physics Courses

Political Science Courses

Psychology Courses

Reading Courses

Sociology Courses

Spanish Courses

Speech Courses

Theater Appreciation Courses


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