Special Populations

Professional staff members are available to assist special population students as they work toward their educational and professional goals. Special populations include:

  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Individuals from economically disadvantaged families, including foster children, and homelessness
  • Individuals preparing for non-traditional fields
  • Individuals with limited English proficiency
  • Single parents
  • Displaced homemakers-not including dependent children under the age of 24

Services include programs which will enhance or improve the academic, technical and employability skills of special population students.

Requesting Services or for more information:

To request services, please contact: zelma.jones@westgatech.edu

Zelma Jones

     • Student Affairs
     • Accessibility Services/Special Populations Coordinator

Office Location: Murphy Campus - 2186A
Office Phone: (770)824-5241 skypec2c://r/204(770)824-5241

Documentation is kept confidential between the student and the Accessibility Services Coordinator.
Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education:
Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

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