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Veteran Education Benefits

Military FriendlyClick here to send semester classes to Ms. Wheeler for Certification. All Veterans using MILITARY benefits must turn in this application to VAresources@westgatech.edu each semester before they can be certified with Veteran Affairs.

West Georgia Technical College is dedicated to assisting veterans meet their educational endeavors. Veteran Education Benefits are provided through the Montgomery G. I. Bill, Survivors and Dependents Benefits and Veterans’ Rehabilitation Benefits. Most of West Georgia Technical College’s programs are approved for Veteran Educational Benefits.

Should you need additional information, our WGTC VA Certifying Representative, Ruthie Wheeler, can be reached at 678-664-0564 or VAresources@westgatech.edu.

How do I begin the application process for VA Benefits?

All veterans must first apply online at http://www.gibill.va.gov/apply-for-benefits or you can complete the form(s) below:

How do I know what benefits I am eligible for?

Once you complete your application on the website above, the Veterans Affairs Department will provide you with a Letter of Eligibility. Upon receipt, this Letter must be submitted to the VA Certifying Representative at WGTC to begin receiving benefits. The Letter of Eligibility will confirm what type of benefits that the Veterans Affairs Department has determined you are eligible to receive.

What documents should be submitted to the College VA Office?

New Students

  • Your Letter of Eligibility from the Veterans Affairs Department
  • Your most recent DD-214

Returning Students

*Please note that veteran students cannot be certified until all the above documents are received.

When will my benefits be available?

For initial certifications at WGTC, we ask that you allow up to six weeks for the Veterans Affairs Department to process your benefits. Due to high volume during the beginning of terms, it has been our experience that the Veterans Affairs Department can be slow processing these initial claims.

How much does VA Benefits pay?

The amount of funding available depends on what the Veterans Affairs Department determines you are eligible to receive based on location, type and time of service. Some programs pay 100%, but many pay a lesser percentage; whereas, some programs pay funds directly to the student, rather than the school. Your eligibility determination will dictate how your funds are applied and received. Students are also encouraged to complete the Free Financial Aid Application @ www.Fafsa.ed.gov to determine additional eligibility. For more information on other types of financial aid available, please refer the Financial Aid page on the WGTC website.

How do I certify that I am attending?

Once your registration status has been confirmed, WGTC will notify the Veterans Affairs Department of your enrollment status. Should a student’s enrollment status change, WGTC will notify the Veterans Affairs Department of the change, and the student will be liable for any funds that were disbursed to the student in excess of current enrollment.

How do I verify my enrollment?

If you are receiving the Active Duty or Reserve GI Bill or REAP, you should call the VA toll free Interactive Voice Response (IVR) line at 1-877-VA-ECERT (1-877-823-2378) to verify your attendance. This should be done at the conclusion of each month.

If you are receiving dependents benefits you need to call 1-888-442-4551 at the end of each month to verify.

Both student verification and College certification must be complete before benefits will be paid. Please note: If you are receiving Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, you do not need to verify your attendance.

How do I request Tutorial Assistance?PDF

How do I contact the Veterans Affairs Department?


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