Mentor ConnectionMentee FAQ

1. What is Mentoring?
A partnership between a WGTC student who requests advice and guidance from a WGTC faculty/staff member who can offer resources and possible solutions.

2. What is a Mentee?
A mentee is a WGTC student enrolled in at least three credit hours who volunteers to be assigned to a WGTC mentor, a faculty or staff volunteer who helps students achieve their academic and professional goals.

3. What does a mentor do?
A mentor will set up a regular meeting schedule with their mentee. Mentors will meet with their mentee during office hours, communicate by email, or have a phone conversation. Discussion topics range from academic successes to other challenges. Mentors help guide a mentee through the WGTC experience

4.  How much time is required to participate in the program?
We recommend that the partnership lasts for at least one quarter.  Additionally, we believe the mentor and mentee should meet at least once a month which includes in-person, telephone or e-mail.  You and your mentee work together to develop the meeting schedule and expectations for the quarter.

5.  Is there anything that I cannot ask a mentor to do?
Although the mentor can provide resources and serve as n advocate, the mentor cannot replace a service that is offered by WGTC for which she/he is not responsible.  The mentor is not a tutor, editor, and will not negotiate mentee’s grades. Mentors and mentees will be advised of their individual roles during Mentor/Mentee orientation sessions, and in the Mentor/Mentee Handbook.

6,  What are the benefits of being a mentee?
Opportunities to receive advice and resources to guide you r through your WGTC experience.  Research indicates that college students with mentors report greater success and satisfaction with their college experience.

7.  How do I sign up?
If you are interested in becoming a mentee, please contact Kim Crockett,, or 706.756.4678 for more information.

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