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Study Abroad 2013 Ireland

April 5 - 13, 2013 - Our trip to Ireland!


Gary Henderson:

I have had the time of my life. The Irish people have treated us like royalty. They have taken the Study Abroad Team on many tours. The team visited the actual House of Parliament, and we all had dinner with the Mayor of Craigavon, which is one of Northern Ireland’s prestigious cities. We have also visited ancient tombs, religious sites, historical sites, and the shipyard where the Titanic was built over 100 years ago. Ireland has a very rich history, and the locals are great story tellers. In fact, some of the stories are so incredible it makes you wonder about the legacy.

Nevertheless, I have personally enjoyed all of locals’ stories because they have made me laugh and cry. There is no doubt in my mind that the Irish people’s hospitality has been truly world class. Figuratively speaking, they have rolled out the “red carpet” for the Americans (West Georgia Technical College Study Abroad Team). I have personally given much thanks to them all, and I will continually do so until we leave because the Irish people have left an impression upon me that will last for a lifetime.


Yvonne Waddle:

The first day we were in Dublin, our guide, Gerry took me to a small café that I wanted to see called The Cake Café. It’s a small quaint café, in the Pleasants Place neighborhood of Dublin. The café is tucked away in an alley with a small sign that can be easily missed if you’re not looking for it. When you walk through the door from the ally, you walk into the courtyard of the café. The courtyard is a small leafy garden intertwined with tables and benches for outdoor dining. Gerry and I took a table on the inside of the cafe because of the chilly weather.

I ordered the squishy sponge cake with fresh cream and blackberry jam filling and a pot of hot tea. Gerry was kind of enough to let me try some of his scone topped with Irish butter and homemade blackberry jam. The atmosphere was very relaxing and the enjoyable conversation with Gerry about Dublin was a wonderful way to start off the trip.


Felisia Santiago:

Being able to experience a new country while studying has been an event to last a lifetime! Along with the Lecturers and students at SRC, our group was able to tour through the location of the building of the Titanic. That day ended with a lovely dinner at Stormont, accompanied by Madam Mayor Cara of Craigavon!

The overall experience has been an overwhelming experience of joy and satisfaction! I will never forget the history, the ruins, the way of life, and all of the people who took part in the Study Abroad Trip!