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Description: QEP (3)
Quality Enhancement Plan Mini-White Paper Process

The QEP Planning Team has collected 160 potential topic suggestions from faculty, staff, students, advisory committee members, and administration, and has organized them into ten broad categories. The Team is now soliciting pre-proposals (Mini-White papers) for topics that identify and provide basic justification for the selection of a topic from the categories for West Georgia Technical College’s Quality Enhancement Plan. Research Awards ($100) will support the development of the Mini-White papers.

The categories are:

Critical Thinking / Problem Solving

First Year Experience

Instructional Technology

Online Learning

Social Utility / Information Literacy

Strengthening LS English

Strengthening LS Math

Strengthening LS Reading

Student Collaboration

Writing Across the Curriculum

The Mini-White papers will be reviewed and four will be selected for development as more in depth Full White Paper proposals in March and April. Research awards ($1,000) will support the development of the Full White Papers (10-15 pages).

Based on those proposals, three viable topics will be reviewed by the QEP Planning Team and one will be nominated as the QEP topic and sent to Senior Staff for approval. After the QEP topic is selected, a QEP Development Team will be established to fully develop the plan that will be submitted to SACS in the summer of 2012.

If you are interested in developing a Mini-White paper in one or more of the above categories, please review the Mini-White Paper Instructions and the Mini-White Paper Submittal Form.

All Mini-White Papers must be received by 5:00 PM, Friday, March 11, 2011.


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