Check your Grades Online

Grades are not mailed. You may view your West Georgia Technical College grades online! You can use ANY computer with Internet access: computers located in the classrooms, the campus library or at home.


1. Via the Internet, access: BANNERWEB.

2. Click Enter to Secure Area.

3. Click in the userid field. Your USERID is your social security number with NO dashes.

4. Type in your SSN and tab to the PIN field.

5. Your pin is your birthdate in DDMMYY format (with no spaces or dashes). If you have already accessed banner web and you have changed your PIN, enter that pin.

6. Click login.

7. You may be forced to re-enter your PIN. Enter your PIN in MMDDYY format and tab as you did on the first screen.

8. You may be forced to enter a NEW PIN. If so, this can be a series of any six digits (no characters allowed) that you want to use. REMEMBER YOUR NEW PIN!!!! Keep your PIN confidential! If you are not forced to enter a new pin, skip to #12.

9. Tab.

10. Type in NEW pin again and click login.

11. Put in security question and answer in appropriate blocks.

12. Read Terms of Usage then click Continue.

13. Click Student Services and Financial Aid.

14. Click Student Records.

15. Click Final Grades.

16. Select the term (use the drop down button) for which you want to see grades.

17. Click display grades.

At the bottom of the screen, you have the option to select another term if you have grades for another term. If you have no other grades, then exit the Internet or click menu at the top of the screen for other options.

The Personal Information option should be used to keep the following information current: address, emergency contact, phone number, and email address. Just follow the screens and remember to save your updated information by clicking SAVE at the bottom of each screen.

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