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Beyond aiding in allocation of student activities funds, SGA serves in a school enhancing capacity, community involvement capacity, a forum to meet new students, a place to develop leadership skills and much more. GSGA participates in many school-wide events ranging from participating in Campus Community Open House to running local blood drives on all of our campuses . Members of the Georgia Student Government Association (GSGA) also get to participate in off-site leadership conferences and workshops.
SGA is committed to supporting our local communities.  It is our civic responsibility to give to those less fortunate. 
Some of our past programs include work with:

  • SGA Scholarships
  • American Red Cross
  • Feed the Sheep Ministries
  • Department of Family & Children’s Services
  • Alice’s House
  • Habitat For Humanity
  • Arbor Place – Time of Giving
  • Our House For Kids
  • Relay For Life

Want to join? Apply today!!! Click on this link to fill out your application:

GSGA Positions Requiring Campaigning: All Slated Positions. Slated positions are listed below. Note: slated positions will be determined at GSGA retreat after the installation ceremony.

President (must be a previous member)
Vice President

Campus Reps:

General Members – just fill out an application and we’ll let you know about the meetings! No campaigning required!
Organization representatives- Will be appointed by your student organization! No campaigning required!

All SGA meetings usually take place every other week around lunch time on each campus in the Boardroom and use the Tanberg (video chat) communication to hold meetings. Dates for meetings are TBD and will be established when the new EC has been installed. 


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