Online Learning
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Online Learning

What is Online Learning?

Online Learning is defined as the instructional mode in which instructor and students are physically separated and learning occurs in the absence of traditional classroom environments (Picciano, 2001, p. 3).  

Online Learning utilizes synchronous, asynchronous, hypermedia and other electronic resources and course management systems (Huang, 2002). It is preferred by many adult learners because of its flexibility endowed with the technological interactive tools. Online Learning provides adults the opportunities to study when and where they want to without any location and time restrictions. They choose to learn “at three in the morning with someone in their underwear” (Bash as quoted in Lorenzetti, 2003, p.6).

Online students MUST have access to the Internet, be Internet literate, and have their own e-mail address prior to registration.

Online students:

  • MUST be computer literate
  • MUST be self-motivated
  • MUST be able to work with limited instructor guidance.

Online students are expected to work daily on assignments and meet deadlines.