It’s A Wrap!!

imageOn our last two final days of this wonderful trip we visited a nursing school. Even though I’m not in nursing this visit had the most impact. We got to actually have one to one conversations with the students that are a part of these programs. At all the other schools we talked to teachers, administrators, company executives, but never really got to sit down and see what it was like from the student point of view. I gained a lot of knowledge from these interactions with the students. We talked about work, school, life outside and compared the differences back and forth between how it is over there compared to the U.S. I learned that, even though the system and structure is different, the typical student is exactly the same. After our last school visit we stopped by Olympic Park and had a wonderful and very colorful tour guide. He took us all around the park and had us climb a hill that I still feel in my legs days later, but once at the top the view was totally worth it.

imageThe next and final day we visited the BMW Museum. It was a very interesting visit to see how they started with air plane engines, then bikes, then became one of the most popular cars on the market. We visited the tower after BMW to get one more quick glance of such a beautiful city. Our night activities consisted of last minute shopping, getting to visit a movie theater and watch a movie that is not released in the U.S. yet and eating a farewell dinner that was very satisfying. Up at 4 a.m. and catching the flights back home. This trip was an eye opener to how big the world really is and to how much life and culture there is out there. I have learned so much and have made so many close bounds that I will never forget. I am truly thankful for this experience and the wonders and beauty of Germany will forever be in my mind.

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Final Day

imageWell this is the final day of our study abroad. We have been non-stop since day one, and trust me when I say my body, especially my feet, has told me “girl please let me rest”. It is 4:00 a.m., yes I said 4:00 a.m. up and half awake to catch this plane. Yesterday we visited the BMW Museum-can’t wait to post my pictures. They had some awesome cars. After that we went up in the Olympic Tower, pretty amazing. Did more shopping, Kyle did the most, we had to purchase more luggage in order to get all our stuff back home…..too funny. Again this Study Abroad was very informative.

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Bitter Sweet

I will be not be leaving Germany as the same person I was. This trip has shown me another side to the large world I live in and what other opportunities are out there. I have experienced something I would not have thought possible a year ago; going to the other side of the world to take in the food, structure, life, and overall culture of a place such as Germany is great in its own right.

image I have been able to share this opportunity with others and build life-long memories and hopefully friendships in the process. I walk away from this with a priceless experience that is a chapter in my life now. Today is the last day of my stay in Germany, and it is bitter sweet. I’m thankful for the chance to do this through West Georgia Tech.

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Recap of Germany

The other day we visited Paul Hartman in Heidenheim. a few of the students in turn gave us the lectures on the educational system of Germany. What I found most interesting on the lecture was the business and financial aspects. Paul Hartman is a multi-national corporation specializing in the production and distribution of medical and healthcare products. During the lecture I found it fascinating that Paul Hartman makes their profit increase by nearly 2 million euros a year withgro undbreaking innovations! Imagine if the United States had a company just like Paul Hartman it was not only focused on the groundbreaking inventions but also on the overall involvement and successes of the young students!image

We also visited Max-Eyth Schule (MES) to learn about the educational programs they offer. The schools main focus is on mechanical and technical careers. I thoroughly enjoyed the walking tour of the school. We saw many machines that can make designs like a small guitar shaped bottle opener, a dice, & a spinning top. We also saw molds and their finished products like the FIFA World Cup futbol trophy; it was great holding it! Before we left I asked one of the lecturers about students with special needs. I was curious as to how students with disabilities or special needs receive help here in Germany compared to back home. There are many similarities but even bigger differences. In Germany, the educational system has two sets of lecturers that focus on 2 to 10 students with disabilities at one time. During this time, the lecturers work hard to help the students find their career. After this didn’t have injured their training and it is completed successfully, MES sets up the students with certain companies who help the individuals settle into their new careers. This concept is something I believe would be very beneficial for our educational system to adopt. Imagine the inventions we could be missing out on!image

The trip to Germany for study abroad has been a very eye opening experience for me. I have been able to compare and contrast the educational system between Germany in the United States; specifically Georgia. This trip to Germany has truly been one to last a lifetime! I have had the best time meeting new people and making lifelong friends! I am so thankful to Dr. Gunay and Dean Russell for this extraordinary opportunity to study in another country! I will be forever grateful for these experiences!

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Last Day

imageSo today was our last day in Germany and it was great! First we visited the BMW Museum, which is full of so many different cars that are from the BMW history. Through the tour given, I found out that BMW and motorcycles have a history together. Apparently BMW made motorcycles and I was completely oblivious to the fact. It was interesting learning so many new things during this trip.

I also found it fascinating to discover that being in a place that is so different from your norm, but you in a position to step outside your comfort zone. We were without our Germany guide for a few hours today, but we had no problems with traveling to our destinations. Also, we were not afraid to ask a stranger for help; which some would initially hesitiate to interact with others that speak a different language. We ran across some very friendly young men that helped us with our train traveling. Another thing we discovered is that we adapt to new situations very quickly – being in a new place with new people helps stimulate our brains.

I am sorry that today was out last day. There are many different things that I will miss. imageThe architecture here is amazing and much of the time breathtaking. I will also miss the food and the wonderful pepole that we’ve met. Through this adventure I was able to make a new friend whom I believe will become a lifelong friend. It’s truly shocking to meet someone for the first time and it seems like you’ve known each other your whole life. I love going and learning first hand about other cultures and the different people that’s in the world. There’s so much that we can learn from others and going somewhere that’s out of your comfort zone, forces us to realize that. I would encourage the study abroad program to every student – it’s an adventure that will have you looking at your life and world in a different light.

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Exceeded Expectations

Prior to this trip I had a few expectations on what I wanted to get out of it, and I have to say that all of them were more than just met! The trip started amazingly by an unplanned night in Paris. I had the chance to walk the streets of a beautiful city and see the Eiffel Tower, which was a dream of mine.Once in Germany I got to know a great group of people with the same mentality to get the most out of this trip. During our stay we were fortunate to have great weather which made all of the sights even more beautiful to see. The food was great as well, since some of the students are part of Culinary arts I got to try many different dishes and all of them were delicious.image

One of the main things I was looking forward to this trip was to see how Germans love soccer, and I got to experience that everyday. Everywhere we went there was either a soccer store, a game being played or someone wearing a soccer jersey (most of the times it would be one of Bayern Munich). I learned so much about the German educational system, during the visits to the schools I got to know some of the students and a lot about their way of life. I am so glad I was part of this trip, Everything that I learned and experience will stay with me for the rest of my life.

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German Nursing Students

imageYesterday might have been the most excited day for me we visited Stadtisches Klidnikum Munchen. A school were students can study nursing. I learned that nursing varies significantly in Germany than it does in America. The lower pay they receive to the specialize nursing programs that must choose, and can not change,in their beginning of there studies, before they know what they really want to choose, is just a few of the ways that they differ. I was fortunate enough to meet four intriguing German nursing students, Stefinie, Kristina, Philipp, and Franczca. We exchange information and learned that we taught in very similar ways, and have many of the same issues as nursing students.

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Auf wiedersehen Germany

imageFarewell to Germany. Tonight is our last night here and I am sad to go. This trip was amazing in every way and I could definitely stand to stay here a few more days or even weeks. The architecture was incredible, the food was stunning, and the people here was great. Today we went through the BMW museum which was also holding an exhibit on Mini Cooper. It was great and once again our guide was exceptional. Just during this trip I’ve gone throught the Mercedes Benz museum and the BMW museum. We also ate an excellent dinner at the restaraunt “Ratskeller”. I know that the word “rat” isn’t appealing but I did look the German translation and it actually means “a restaraunt or tavern that is in the basement of a city hall”. We ended the meal with gelato and a nice stroll through some sprinkly weather. The may be my last night in German for now, but it will not be my last forever.

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Sleep Tight, Germany!

Now comes the time to say good-bye to a country I have traveled, eaten and learned about for the last 10 days. While it is not exactly the most formal learning forum, one of the highlights I want to discuss on this trip is actually our trip to the Mercedes-Benz museum, for a surprising number of reasons.image

Not only did we get to see beautiful, classic and antique cars on showcase in a spherical-designed, hi-tech building, but the display of world history as to how it related to Germany was extremely interesting. The fact that they did not shy away from Mercedes-Daimler’s role in the World War s well as the addition of notable African-American’s integral to Germany’s culture and history such as Josephine Baker, Muhammad Ali and Jesse Owens.

The museum also traced the discovery and subsequent rise of AIDS, the introduction of the euro, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and so on and so forth. It easily covered all major events within the last 125 years and correlate that directly with Germany’s luxury automobile history. Bravo!image

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1st day in Munich

imageSo today we began our next adventure for the study abroad trip. We left Stuttgart in the morning and made a 3 hr. Drive to Munich, Germany. Even though the drive was long I couldn’t help but enjoy the beautiful landscape this country has to offer. Everything from vast and high mountains to elaborate villages caught my eye the whole ride, and I think I even saw a couple sheep, all are sights I don’t ever get the chance to see where I’m from, so I very much enjoyed it. imageBefore we checked in to the new hotel and walked the new city we stopped by the innovative company of Genzebach. They specialize in everything from glass, construction pieces for buildings and  control panels, but the most interesting thing to me is the work in robotics. They had unmanned operated robots that can move and rearrange crates and shelves with only one man needed to over see them. That company is stationed all over the world even in Newnan, Georgia. They spoke to us about dual enrollment and how we can benifit from learning and working with their company. Then we left there and checked into the IBIS hotel in Munich. As soon as we approached Munich I noticed the difference from Stuttgart.  I knew I had left the smaller more simple and quite town to the big, busy, bright city of Munich.

We checked into the hotel and met our cepa guide Tonya even though we miss Sophie Tonya was real nice. She took us to the central city in Munich via subway. There we met up with our tour guide. Central city is a vast area filled with elaborate building and castles. It also has tones of shops (clothing, food, etc…) basically anything you wanted there you wanted you can get there. History of the city was explained well by the tour guide. We learned how WW1 and WW2 and how it affected the city. Even though the tour was interesting I wasn’t prepared for the slight temperature change. It was a lot cooler in Munich then it was in Stuttgart, adding on that I was getting hungry all I could think about during the tour was staying warm and eating, but all in all I still enjoyed all the interesting facts the lady had to say about this beautiful city I’ve just been introduced too. Zum Straubinger is the restaurant you went too and enjoyed a snitzel and potatoes with bacon and some type of berry sauce all of which I enjoyed. After dinner we went back to the hotel and took it to bed. So a 3hr drive, business meeting , hotel check in, and a guided tour  I have surly had a fulfilling 1st day in Munich, Germany.image

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Successful Trip Has Spoken, Last Night

It’s our last Night in Germany and emotions are truly flying.   I first want to thank God for allowing me the opportunity to go on this trip and keeping us all safe.  Secondly,  I would like to thank Dr. NIHAL GUNAY, and Dean. Russell for putting together such an awesome,  and life changing trip.  Words alone could not say enough. I have learned so much.  It’s one thing to go on a vacation but this was no vacation it was the best educational trip I have ever experienced in my life.

We went to BMW museum today and it was wonderful the New cars and the experience as a hole was a sight to see.  I had no idea the city of Munich was so historical, from football to the buildings.image

Now, let’s not just stop here.  We need to digest the information we have received and do everything possible to try to inject it into American’s veins.  It will change lives forever and put us on the right track.  I am going to leave you with a question so you can find the answer.   Why does Germany tax their citizens 19% on electricity, food and pretty much everything.image

Thank you to all who prayed for us while we were away.   It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.   See you back in Newnan,  Ga

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Good bye Germany

Tonight is our last night in this beautiful place. I can’t believe it’s already over. I’ve gained so much knowledge on this crazy adventure. This trip has definatly opened my eyes to the world of travel. I want to travel the world!I want to learn as much as I can about the different cultures and ways of different places. I definitely want to come back to germany. It’s in my heart now. I will come back soon! I’ve loved every moment of this trip. From the school tours and meeting with the various company’s to going to the spring festivals.image

Everything was amazing. I enjoyed learning about the vocational schools and how there school system is run. I think it’s amazingly efficient and I would have loved the opportunity to take culinary classes in germany. The trip was the best thing I have ever decided to take part in. Thank you so much to everyone who made this trip possible for us. Ill forever love germany with its beautiful architecture and amazing

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Spring Festival

Yesterday we got to experience the spring festival as well as the pool and spa in Stuggart. Our culinary group got to experience all the different German festival foods and it was amazing!! We tried everything from sausages, to chocolate dipped fruit. Of course I made the mistake of getting on the rides. I regretted that the next morning. I felt like I had gotten hit by a truck! I seriously thought my arms were going to fall off! None the less the spring festival was a wonderful experience all around. The food was amazing and I love the culture. I’ve definitely fallen in love with Germany. I’m going to be very sad to go home.

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Well educated future

imageThroughout my stay in Germany, I have been very intrigued and impressed with the country’s approach to their education and training of their future workforce. Through dual enrollment kids as young as 15 can go under an apprenticeship for sometime where they will be paid while gaining knowledge and experience. For example, the company we went to yesterday, called Grenzebach takes students as young as 15 and brings them under an apprenticeship where they can even continue their career within the company if they chose. Companies here invest in students because their #1 goal is to ensure a well trained and educated work pool that they can benefit from. The educational aspect of this trip has broadened my horizon but as well has educated me on different aspects and structures within a country that I would not have had the chance to see normally. I would like to see American companies and our school system takes bits and pieces from the way Germany runs their schools that would hopefully benefit the future generations.

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Paradigm Shift

Today we travel from Stuttgart to Munich and saw the beautiful country sites and they were amazing.   Along the way we stopped at an amazing company, Grenzebach that I believe will help change the world.   As Americans, we are ok with the idea of sending students to companies for a short period of time and paying them low wages or nothing at all and not really investing quality time and money in them so they are guaranteed to be successful.

Grenzebach not only trains students in the field of study that they choose but also pays them starting at the age of 15.  They are able obtain college degrees and valuable knowledge.   Most US companies are afraid to partner with such programs for the simple fact of loosing employees that they have trained.   They want the students to stay with them.  We as Americans have to start looking at this very serious issue different.  Students in Germany go to school 100% free and have a guaranteed job when they finish school and the training.   We not only have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars but have to find jobs on our own also.?????????image

Munich is such a beautiful city.   Very historical sites and many places to visit can’t wait for tomorrow.   This trip has really made me think about my next chess move in life.  I started to tear up today because I was blessed to have such a great opportunity to go on this trip with wonderful people and to have two Great Leaders, Dean Russell and Dr. Gunay who put this trip together.


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