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The Shanghai difference

Wow Shanghai is so different then what I read and saw on the internet prior to the trip.  It really is like  New York City or more like Mexico City minus the clothes  everywhere hanging out to dry. John, our

Posted in China Trip April 4-12, 2014

Last Leg of the trip

Beijing is now in the rear view mirror of our trip and what an experience it was. The only part I didn’t enjoy was the market place…now I know what chum feels like when the sharks are hungry.  The market

Posted in China Trip April 4-12, 2014

A New Day

The first day was so amazing I am just in awe of what our wonderful guides John and Lotus have in store for us today! China is so much more than I imagined. The people, oh the people, so warm,

Posted in Ireland trip- April 5-13, 2013

China or Bust!

I think I may Bust just thinking about what needs to happen in the next three days: 1. Bags need to be packed  – checked 2. Toilet paper packed – checked, checked 3. Phone, I-pad, chargers, camera, batteries, converters, more

Posted in China Trip April 4-12, 2014

WGTC goes to China

Hello fellow travelers! My name is Christy Shirey and I am in the AS degree in General Business. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to travel to China and study the art and economic impact of the Chinese

Posted in China Trip April 4-12, 2014