Picture1West Georgia Technical College ESOL offers English language instruction for students whose first language is not English. ESOL courses are part of learning support course offerings. There are three different levels: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level consists of  4 courses designed to be taken simultaneously: Listening and Speaking, Grammar, Reading, and Composition. These courses prepare students for study in an American college/university.

  • ESOL 0066, Beginning ESL Listening/Speaking I
  • ESOL 0067 Intermediate ESL Listening/Speaking II
  • ESOL 0068 Advanced ESL Listening/Speaking III
  • ESOL 0076 Beginning ESL Reading I
  • ESOL 0077 Intermediate ESL Reading II
  • ESOL 0078 Advanced ESL Reading III
  • ESOL 0086 Beginning ESL Grammar Communication I
  • ESOL 0087 Intermediate ESL Grammar Communication II
  • ESOL 0088 Advanced ESL Grammar Communication III
  • ESOL 0096 Beginning ESL Composition I
  • ESOL 0097 Intermediate ESL Composition II
  • ESOL 0098 Advanced ESL Composition III

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