Flight to China & Arrival

Well, the flight from Atlanta to Seattle was 4hrs and 45mins, I can say that the flight was slightly miserable. I knew I was in trouble when we still had Seattle to Beijing, an 11 hr flight which I actually made manageable. I was quite surprise!  On the long flight to Beijing, I made friends with Jackie our Taiwanese flight attendant and many other friendly faces.  I stood and stretched my legs with Jackie for about 3 hrs. Within these few hours I learned many things about the Asian culture from chop stick lesson, to learning about the different tones, there are 4 tones and 1 neutral tone, to tips on where to go shopping and how to bargain.  My favorite part with Jackie was her own personal food she cooked for work to feed herself and to share with her co-workers, and I was lucky enough to be apart of that traditional food she shared.  The 5 foods she brought were white sticky rice, Chinese traditional beef shank, a vegetable close to a turnip, soybean sprouts stir fried with fried tofu, imitation crab meat with cilantro and scallions. Everything tasted delicious, the only thing I questioned was the beef shank, it tasted like beef  with a skunk smell. I am pumped to keep in contact with her through email and the app, We Chat.

Once we arrived in Beijing the airport was very quiet and customs went smoothly, once out of the airport it was a cool 59 degrees and the stares towards our unique group started.  It was interesting to hear about how they will stare and point at us as a group since we are foreign but to actually experience it for the first time was very different and uncomfortable.  I would not have traded that comfortableness for anything. It was a great start to a new adventure!


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