What an adventure!

It’s good to be home after such a long trip, but what a trip it was!  It truly was a trip of a lifetime with some great people who I already miss..  Our last days in China were bitter sweet.  Fun, but it all went by way too fast.  By far, my favorite part was the Great Wall of China.  The long history of the wall and knowing it will still be standing long after us and anyone else who goes there will be gone.  The Jade Buddha Temple was a great sight to see.  Again, so much history and such a beautiful place to visit and worship if you are a practicing Buddhist.  I tried to stay out of people’s way who were there to pray and worship.  I am not Buddhist, but I respect the people who are and I try to show proper respect to all people practicing their religion, whether or not I understand them, or believe differently.


I brought home a total of 6 (yes SIX) lucky cat’s!  I think about everyone I know will be getting a lucky cat for their family and a set of chopsticks.

I do hope that everyone who was able to go had just as much fun as I did, or more.  Hanging out and staying up late into the evening just isn’t me, I knew we had to get up early and I do not sleep well at home most days, so I knew that I would not get much sleep in the hotels.

The food was amazing, the Chinese people were friendly overall, and I think fascinated with us.  I don’t know if I will ever make it back, but I would like to think that one day, maybe I will.  But, if I never do, I will have lots of great memories with a terrific bunch of people who I will remember for the rest of my life.  I truly enjoyed everyone’s company and will always remember our group as “sticky rice”!!

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