Dual Enrollment Funding


Q:What is the West Georgia Technical College Dual Enrollment Funding Application Policy?
  • All West Georgia Technical College dual enrolled students must complete a Georgia Futures funding application at GaFutures.org for the semester they wish to be registered prior to a WGTC high school coordinator registering the student for classes. If a WGTC dual enrolled student has not completed their funding application for the semester they wish to be registered for, the student will not be registered for classes.
Q:What does Dual Enrollment funding cover?
  • Dual Enrollment funds cover all tuition and mandatory fees
  • Required textbooks will be loaned free of charge
Q:What does Dual Enrollment funding not cover?
  • Supplies required by some courses are not covered by Dual Enrollment (for example: uniforms, supply kits, background checks, etc.)
  • Some program or course-specific fees are not covered by Dual Enrollment (for example: lab fees, student insurance fees, etc.)
Q:How many hours of funding is a Dual Enrollment student eligible for?
  • Participating students have funding capped at 30 semester hours for eligible dual credit courses, as defined by Georgia Student Finance on the approved course list, with no exceptions
Q:Are Option Bravo students limited to 30 credit hours for funding?
  • Unless declared Option Bravo prior to spring 2020, all Option Bravo students are subject to the 30 credit hour funding cap.
Q:What are the Steps to Complete Dual Enrollment Application for public and private high school students?

This MUST be completed EVERY year of attendance while still in high school.

  1. Sign in to gafutures.org or create an account.
  2. Enter your Username and Password information, then select Sign In.
  3. Dual Enrollment Information can be found within the Hope & State Aid Programs
  4. Dual Enrollment is considered a state program and can be found by selecting State Scholarships and Grants.
  5. Select Dual Enrollment from the list of state programs to find the information needed. The application to apply for funding can be found by selecting Application Procedure and Deadline.

Click on Apply Now and complete all required fields.

Additional Dual Enrollment Funding Application Steps:

  • Once you have completed your portion of the application, your parent/guardian must electronically complete the Parent Participation Agreement section of your application.
  • Provide your parent/guardian’s email address so your parent may receive an email to complete the online acknowledgment.
  • Parent/guardian may visit GAfutures.org\DEparent to electronically sign the agreement.  Next, your eligible participating high school counselor and eligible participating college must approve your Dual Enrollment courses and funding application.
Q:Who is eligible to participate in the Dual Enrollment funding program?
  • Students in the 9th grade are not eligible to participate in the Dual Enrollment funding program.
  • 11th & 12th grade eligible students may take any approved Dual Enrollment courses listed on the Course Directory.
  • 10th graders may enroll in approved Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) courses listed on the Course Directory at a participating TCSG institution only.
  • 10th graders who have a minimum SAT score of 1200 or minimum ACT composite score of 26 in a single national test administration may enroll in any approved courses listed on the Course Directory.
    • Note: Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) must have the required test score(s) in the Dual Enrollment system prior to the student’s Dual Enrollment funding application being approved by the high school or home study.
Q:Does Dual Enrollment Funding fund the same course more than once?
  • Eligible high school students will not receive funding to retake a dual credit course
Q:How does withdrawing from a course affect Dual Enrollment funding eligibility?
  • After withdrawal from a second dual credit course, a student will be ineligible for funding to take any dual credit courses
Q:Does dual enrollment funding allow a student to take courses at more than one college in a semester?
  • Yes, students may take courses at more than one college, but will not fund more than 15 hours total per semester
Q:What are the GPA and completion rate requirements for maintaining Dual Enrollment Funding eligibility?
  • Students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and a 2.0 GPA for each semester and must also have a 66.6% completion rate for all courses attempted at WGTC
Q:What options are available once a student reaches the 30 credit hour maximum funding?
  • Students may self-pay for additional courses or, depending on the student’s program, may utilize the HOPE Grant or HOPE Career Grant. Students must meet all eligibility requirements for HOPE Grant and HOPE Career Grant
Q:If a student utilizes HOPE Grant or HOPE Career Grant during dual enrollment, does that count against their HOPE scholarship hours?

Yes. HOPE Grant, HOPE Career Grant, and HOPE Scholarship all pull from the same funds.