Financial Aid for Dual Enrollment


What does Dual Enrollment funding cover?

If you are a high school student attending a Georgia public, private or home school program:

  • Dual Enrollment funds cover all tuition and mandatory fees
  • Required textbooks will be loaned free of charge


What doesn’t Dual Enrollment cover?

  • Supplies required by some courses are not covered by Dual Enrollment (for example: uniforms, supply kits, background checks, etc.)
  • Some program- or course-specific fees are not covered by Dual Enrollment (for example: lab fees, malpractice insurance fees, etc.)


Steps to Complete Dual Enrollment Application for public and private high school students:

*This MUST be completed EVERY semester of attendance while still in high school.*


Step 1: Sign in to GAFutures or create account.

Step 2: Click on “Dual Enrollment” under the What’s New box on right hand side of page.

Step 3: Scroll down page and click on “Dual Enrollment online application” under Application Procedures.

Step 4: Click “Add New Application”.

Step 5: Fill in ALL Blanks.

Name, birthdate, address, phone, email

Select Public or Private school from drop down box

Select High school you attend and click > to add High school

Select West Georgia Technical College and click > to add college

Step 6: Click in check box to certify that all of the information is correct.

Step 7: Click Submit at bottom of page.


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