Financial Aid for Dual Enrollment


West Georgia Technical College Dual Enrollment Funding Application Policy

In order to serve all West Georgia Technical College students to the best of our ability, beginning summer semester 2019, the office of financial aid and the office of dual enrollment have enacted the following policy regarding funding application and dual enrolled students:

  • All West Georgia Technical College dual enrolled students must complete a Georgia Futures funding application at for the semester they wish to be registered prior to a WGTC high school coordinator registering the student for classes. If a WGTC dual enrolled student has not completed their funding application for the semester they wish to be registered for, the student will not be registered for classes.
  • All high school counselors for West Georgia Technical College dual enrolled students must complete their portion of the Georgia Futures funding application for each dual enrolled student by the WGTC fee payment date. If a student’s funding application has not been approved by their counselor by the fee payment date, the student will be purged from WGTC classes.


What does Dual Enrollment funding cover?

If you are a high school student attending a Georgia public, private or home school program:

  • Dual Enrollment funds cover all tuition and mandatory fees
  • Required textbooks will be loaned free of charge


What doesn’t Dual Enrollment cover?

  • Supplies required by some courses are not covered by Dual Enrollment (for example: uniforms, supply kits, background checks, etc.)
  • Some program- or course-specific fees are not covered by Dual Enrollment (for example: lab fees, student insurance fees, etc.)


Steps to Complete Dual Enrollment Application for public and private high school students:

*This MUST be completed EVERY semester of attendance while still in high school.*


Step 1: Sign in to GAFutures or create account.

Step 2: Click on “Dual Enrollment” under the What’s New box on right hand side of page.

Step 3: Scroll down page and click on “Dual Enrollment online application” under Application Procedures.

Step 4: Click “Add New Application”.

Step 5: Fill in ALL Blanks.

Name, birthdate, address, phone, email

Select Public or Private school from drop down box

Select High school you attend and click > to add High school

Select West Georgia Technical College and click > to add college

Step 6: Click in check box to certify that all of the information is correct.

Step 7: Click Submit at bottom of page.


For additional information, please contact us at