Brix BerryBrix Berry standing

Harvester Christian Academy

“Going to West Georgia Tech as a student in the Dual Enrollment program was the best decision that I have ever made. I received valuable hands-on experience in the classroom and it saved my family more than $13,000 in tuition costs at Auburn University. I was very nervous on my first day at West Georgia Tech as a high school, dual-enrolled student, but my teachers made me feel at ease. The instructors at West Georgia Tech made sure I wasn’t intimidated by the college environment, but they still challenged me in ways that you will not be challenged in high school. My first day at Auburn wasn’t intimidating at all. I knew exactly what to expect. Even though I was on a campus for the first time with more than 20,000 students, I felt like I was already a sophomore or a junior. I would tell any high school student to consider the Dual Enrollment program. It changed my life in ways that I never could have imagined.”



Whit MoremanWhit Moreman playing basketball

LaGrange Academy

“I am a senior at LaGrange Academy. By the time I graduate in May, I will have earned 12 credit hours through West Georgia Technical College’s Dual Enrollment program. I am being recruited by several colleges to play basketball. College coaches love the fact that I am already enrolled in college courses because it shows that I am more than just an athlete. This fall I am taking college algebra and sociology. I am already registered for speech and U.S. history in the spring semester. I wish I had taken the opportunity to enroll in classes earlier. Dual Enrollment is a game-changer!”



Courtney IveyCourtney Ivey standing

East Coweta High School

“I earned 15 credit hours as a dual-enrolled student at West Georgia Tech while at East Coweta High School. Dual Enrollment taught me study habits that I needed to learn for college, and overall it made me a better student once I got to college. I took English 1101 and 1102, Economics, Psychology and College Algebra. Going into it, I didn’t think I would do well because I was in high school taking college courses, but I made A’s in every class. My advice to any high school student is to take as many Dual Enrollment classes as you can. You will get your degree and your job sooner. I am back at West Georgia Tech pursuing a degree in Nursing. And I’m closer to the finish line because I dual enrolled at West Georgia Tech. Dual Enrollment really does make a difference.”



William BallouWilliam Ballou on bleachers

Newnan High School

“I transferred 12 hours of college credit to the University of Georgia, where I am majoring in biological science. I took my English and math core classes through the Dual Enrollment program while I was still in high school. This saved my family money and it gave me a head start on completing my degree. It made the first semester of my freshman year at UGA so much easier. My teachers were great, and offered to help me if I ever needed anything. I would recommend Dual Enrollment to anyone.”