Distance Learning Education Center

The Distance Learning Education Center (DLEC) provides individuals and employers with practical and efficient training solutions that deliver live interactive courses at WGTC Adamson Square to the convenience of your computer via the Internet.

DLEC Course Registration

The DLEC may also be used to deliver a wide variety of customized corporate training to employees who may participate in person or from remote locations via the Internet.  The DLEC provides employers with a means to deliver consistent training to employees all over the world and save tens of thousands of dollars in travel costs.  If your company may be interested in this option, then please email WGTC Corporate Training at coned@westgatech.edu or call 1-855-209-3640.

Participants may view and interact with the live class taking place at WGTC Adamson Square just as if they were sitting in the classroom with the other students! A camera and microphone in the classroom and an Internet software application allow participants to see and hear the instructor, see notes written on the whiteboard, hear questions from other students, see PowerPoint presentations on their monitor, view videos on their monitor, ask questions via chat, download handouts and notes to their computer, etc. And if you may not be able to log on while class is in session, then just log on later to view the class that has been recorded and saved for you. It’s all of the benefits of sitting in the classroom but from the convenience of … well, wherever you wish via the Internet!