Scholarships & Grants

The state of Georgia provides state- and lottery-funded grants and scholarships to support educational goals of its residents. To qualify for state financial aid programs, the student must be an U.S. citizen or eligible non- citizen and a legal resident of Georgia. In general, a Georgia resident must have maintained a domicile in the state for at least 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the first day of classes of the school term (semester or quarter) for which the student is seeking assistance from one or more state programs and have graduated from a Georgia high school. Other eligibility requirements may apply for each state program.

  • HOPE Grant is a state grant funded by the Georgia lottery. The HOPE Grant is available to Georgia residents pursuing a certificate or diploma at an eligible Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) or University System of Georgia institution. The HOPE Grant covers a portion of assessed tuition on a per credit hour basis, currently $73. The portion will increase to $76 effective Fall Term 2019. It does not cover fees or provide a book allowance. To apply, fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or an online application at GAFutures.
  • Zell Miller HOPE Grant is a state grant funded by the Georgia lottery. It is available to Georgia residents pursuing a certificate or diploma at a Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) or University System of Georgia institution. An expansion of the HOPE Grant program, recipients of the Zell Miller Grant who maintain a 3.5 or higher grade point average will receive a grant for 100 percent of assessed tuition each semester.
  • HOPE GED Grant is available to students who earned a General Education Development (GED) awarded by a Technical College System of Georgia after June 30, 1993. The grant provides a one-time $500 HOPE award that can be used towards tuition, books or other educational costs at an eligible postsecondary institution. Full-time enrollment is not required. Students must use their HOPE GED Grant award within 24 months of the date of their GED diploma.
  • Georgia’s HOPE Career Grant, formerly known as the Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant, is available to HOPE Grant eligible students pursuing certificates or diplomas in programs in high demand for qualified workers. In order to qualify, a TCSG student must be fully admitted to the college, enrolled in one of the programs below and eligible for the HOPE Grant for the same term. The HOPE Career Grant eligible programs at West Georgia Technical College are below.


Air Conditioning

ACK1  Air Conditioning Electrical Technician

ACT2  Air Conditioning Technology

ACY1  Air Conditioning Repair Specialist

AZ31  Air Conditioning Technician Assistant

HAA1  Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Technician



AA71  Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Tech Specialist Certificate

AE41  Auto Electrical/Electronics Systems Technician Certificate

AE51  Automotive Engine Performance Technician Certificate

AE61  Automotive Engine Repair Technician Certificate

AH21  Automotive Climate Control Technician Certificate

ASG1  Automotive Chassis Technician Specialist Certificate

AT14  Automotive Technology


Commercial Truck Driving

CT 61 Commercial Truck Driving


Computer Information Systems

NS14  CIS – Networking Specialist Diploma


Diesel Equipment Technology

DET4  Diesel Equipment Technology Diploma HD31  Heavy Diesel Service Technician Certificate


Early Childhood Care and Education

CD61  Child Development Specialist Certificate

EC31  Early Childhood Care and Education Basics Certificate

ECC2  Early Childhood Care and Education Diploma

IC31   Infant and Toddler Care Specialist Certificate



BE41  Basic Electronic Assembler Certificate

EM81  Electrical Maintenance Technician Certificate ET14  Electronics Technology Diploma



MT31  Manufacturing Technician


Healthcare and Nursing

CN21  Nurse Aid Certificate

CT91  Computed Tomography Specialist Certificate

MA11 Mammography Certificate

MC41  Medical Coding Certificate

PB71  Pharmacy Assistant Certificate

PN12  Practical Nursing Diploma

PT21  Phlebotomy Technician Certificate

ST12  Surgical Technology Diploma


Industrial Systems Technology

EC22  Electrical Control Systems Diploma

IE41   Industrial Electrician Certificate

IMS2  Industrial Mechanical Systems Diploma

IS61   Industrial Systems Fundamentals Certificate

IST4   Industrial Systems Technology Diploma

PC81  Programmable Control Technician I Certificate


Machine Tool Technology

BMO1 Basic Machine Operator Certificate

BM31  Basic Machinist Certificate

CS51  CNC Specialist Certificate

CT12  Machine Tool CNC Technology Diploma

LP11   Lathe Operator Certificate

MP11  Mill Operator Certificate

MTT2  Machine Tool Technology Diploma


Precision Manufacturing and Maintenance

IM31  Industrial Maintenance Technician Certificate

IM61  Industrial Machining Technician Certificate

MD71 Manufacturing Systems Technician Certificate

MM51 Mechanical Maintenance Specialist Certificate

MM71 Manufacturing Maintenance Technician Certificate

MP31  Manufacturing Production Assistant Certificate

PMA2  Precision Manufacturing and Maintenance Diploma



FS31  Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder Certificate

GM31 Gas Metal Arc Welder Certificate

GTA1  Gas Tungsten Arc Welder Certificate

OSM1 Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welder Certificate

PW11 Pipe Welder Certificate

WAJ2  Welding and Joining Technology Diploma



The amount of the HOPE Career Grant Award is a fixed amount* for each term of enrollment:


Enrolled HoursAward Amount Per term
9+ hours$500.00
3-8 hours$250.00
1-2 hours$125.00
*Commercial Truck Driving – enrolled 9+ hours; one-time award of $1,000.00.

High school students participating in Dual Enrollment are NOT eligible for the HOPE Career Grant Program.


  • HOPE Scholarship is funded by the Georgia lottery. The HOPE Scholarship covers a portion of assessed tuition on a per credit hour basis, currently $73, for students seeking a degree at a technical college or university. The portion will increase to $76 effective Fall Term 2019. The student must be a 1993 or later high school graduate with a 3.0 GPA in a college preparatory track or a 3.2 GPA in a technical curriculum track to be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship. A nontraditional student may qualify for the HOPE Scholarship after completing 30 semester hours in the diploma program and maintain a 3.0 GPA. Grade point averages are recalculated at 30, 60 and 90 semester hours, at which time the student must maintain a 3.0 GPA to retain the HOPE Scholarship. The student must be Georgia resident and not be in default of a student loan. Apply online at GAFutures.
  • Zell Miller Scholarship is available to Georgia residents who graduated high school with a 3.7 or higher GPA on a 4.0 scale and with an SAT score of 1200 or an ACT score of 26, on a single administered test. The valedictorian or salutatorian from a high school graduating class are considered automatically eligible, regardless of GPA/SAT/ACT. Current students also have to meet the GPA/SAT/ACT requirement from high school and maintain at least a 3.3 GPA at the 30, 60 or 90 semester hour and end of spring checkpoint in their college coursework.
  • Georgia HERO (Helping Educate Reservists and their Offspring) Scholarship is a scholarship that provides educational grant assistance to Georgia residents who are members of the Georgia National Guard and U.S. Military Reservists and served in combat zones or the children or spouses of such members of the Georgia National Guard and U.S. Military Reserves. The award is $2,000 per year for full-time students.
  • Public Safety Memorial Grant is a grant awarded to the dependent children of Georgia Public Safety Officers who were permanently disabled or killed in the line of duty.  Funds may be used towards the cost of attendance at eligible colleges, universities or technical colleges in Georgia.
  • Dual Enrollment is a grant for students at eligible high schools that wish to take college level coursework for credit towards both high school and college graduation requirements.
  • Student Access Loan is a state-funded loan program administered by the Georgia Student Finance Authority (GSFA) for eligible students attending an eligible University System of Georgia (USG), Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) or private postsecondary institution in Georgia. The SAL is a 1 percent fixed rate loan, designed to assist undergraduate and technical college students who have a gap in meeting their educational costs. Eligible students attending a TCSG institution may borrow up to $3,000 annually up to a maximum of $12,000 from the Student Access Loan Program.  Eligible recipients are required to make Keep in Touch (KIT) payments on the loan while in school.


For more information on state financial aid programs, visit or view videos at FATV.