Knight Concerns


Student Grievances

For aggrieved issues involving students, staff, or faculty:

1st – Try to resolve the issue informally by following the steps outlined in the Student Grievance Process.


2nd – If informal attempt is unsuccessful, complete a Formal Grievance Form.


Incident Report

To report accidents, crime, or property/vehicle damage, contact the WGTC Campus Police Department.



Report instances of:

  • Disturbing, suspicious, or distressing behaviors.
  • Substance use and addiction or mental health issues.


Student Code of Conduct Complaint

WGTC students assume an obligation to act in a manner, both academically and non-academically, that is compatible with the College’s mission.  If you see students acting in a way that violates this standard, please contact us at


Customer Care Center

Get answers to common questions about where to go for help.