Knight Concerns


Student Grievances

For aggrieved issues involving students, staff, or faculty:

1st – Try to resolve the issue informally by following the steps outlined in the Student Grievance Process.


2nd – If informal attempt is unsuccessful, complete a Formal Grievance Form.


Incident Report

To report accidents, crime, or property/vehicle damage, contact the WGTC Campus Police Department.



The KnightCARE team responds to concerns about student safety, mental health, addiction, domestic violence or other related issues. Use this form to share your concern about a student, faculty or staff member if the concern involves:

  • Dangerous or threatening behaviors
  • Disruptive or disturbing behaviors
  • Addiction or substance use
  • Suicide risk or self-harming behaviors
  • Domestic violence
  • Other concerns.

Submit your concern here.


Student Code of Conduct Complaint

WGTC students assume an obligation to act in a manner, both academically and non-academically, that is compatible with the College’s mission.  If you see students acting in a way that violates this standard, please contact us at


Customer Care Center

Get answers to common questions about where to go for help.