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adult education students

College/Career Readiness

What’s your path? Do you want your GED so you can get a better job, as quickly as possible? Are you looking at college and getting some additional training and skills to increase your earning power even more? Do you have a dream – something you want to do with your life?

College/Career Readiness

Whatever your goal, we want to help you move down that path. Our program offers a variety of services and opportunities to help you prepare for college or the workforce. If you’re not sure what you want your next step to be, but you know you want more for yourself – or perhaps your family – we’ll work with you to help you explore your opportunities and come up with a plan that fits your needs.


WGTC Adult Education Workforce Education Skills Training program offers:

  • Career exploration
  • Career pathways/college dual enrollment
  • College application fee waivers
  • Guided support in financial aid and college application process
  • Resume preparation and mock interviews
  • Employer referrals
  • Computer literacy certifications
  • Youth Services Program/Workforce Preparation Class
  • GED Ready Practice Test vouchers
  • GED testing scholarships
  • GED Graduation ceremonies
  • Paid work experience