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Nontraditional Careers and Programs

What are the benefits of choosing a nontraditional career?

Opportunities for Career Growth: Nontraditional careers often have clear paths for advancing your career, leading to more responsibilities and higher salaries over time.

Thriving in Growing Industries: Jobs in fields traditionally dominated by women, like healthcare, are on the rise. This means that nontraditional careers can provide men with better job security and more long-term opportunities for career advancement compared to some traditional fields.

Financial Rewards: Some careers that have been historically dominated by one gender may offer extra financial incentives to attract individuals from the underrepresented gender. For instance, women in nontraditional fields can earn up to 30% more than their counterparts in more traditional roles.

Stand Out in the Job Market: Employers in nontraditional fields might actively seek more diverse applicants to create a more balanced workforce. This high demand for individuals from nontraditional genders means that if you’re one of the few applicants with a nontraditional background, you’re likely to stand out and be more memorable to hiring managers and interviewers.

Discover Your Passion: Choosing a career based on your genuine interests and passions, rather than conforming to expectations, can bring immense satisfaction.

Shared Interests: Men and women might choose nontraditional careers for similar reasons, such as a shared passion for healthcare or a desire to utilize communication skills effectively. This provides an opportunity to work alongside individuals who share similar interests and passions.

Inspiring Others: Students who decide on nontraditional gender careers can become role models for others considering similar paths. Witnessing successful individuals in nontraditional roles can inspire and motivate others to pursue their interests, irrespective of societal expectations.

Gender Nontraditional Career Student:

One who is pursuing a career or technical program for an occupation that employs less than 25% of their gender.

What are nontraditional programs for my gender identity?

Non-Traditional Fields for Women

Engineering Technology and Computer Programming students attending an Atlanta Braves baseball game as part of Southwire’s “Women in STEAM” event

  • Air Conditioning Technology
  • Automated Manufacturing Technology
  • Commercial Truck Driving
  • Criminal Justice
  • Computer and Information Systems
  • Diesel Equipment Technology
  • Electrical Construction and Maintenance
  • Electronics and Telecommunication
  • Fire Science Technology
  • Machine Tool Technology
  • Engineering Technology
  • Welding and Joining Technology
Engineering Tech students at a Braves baseball game
Engineering Technology and Computer Programming students attending an Atlanta Braves baseball game as part of Southwire’s “Women in STEAM” event

Non-Traditional Fields for Men

  • Accounting
  • Business and Office Technology
  • Cosmetology
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Assisting
  • Early Childhood Care and Education
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy Technology
male nursing student
Nursing Students at WGTC

*This is not an exclusive list and some specific career paths within a broader workforce category may not be considered nontraditional.

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