Competitive Selection Process for Health Services and Nursing Programs

Admission to West Georgia Technical College’s Health Sciences and Nursing diploma and degree programs is based on a competitive selection process. There are minimum requirements for admission to individual Health Sciences and Nursing programs, and meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.

Non-Georgia residents shall be enrolled on a space-available basis and shall not displace any student desiring to enroll who is a resident of the state. This applies to programs with limited seating, such as competitive selection Health Sciences and Nursing programs and programs that have a waiting list. Please refer to the In-State Residency section of the catalog for more information regarding residency status.

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Be sure to review the General Competitive Selection Procedures.


Competitive Selection Advising Plans


Competitive Selection File Review Request Forms


Competitive Selection Testing

Some competitive programs may require entrance exams. West Georgia Tech offers these exams through the Assessment & Testing Center.