Federal Work Study Program

Federal Work Study is a need-based federal work program to help students fund educational expenses by providing employment opportunities on campus and off-campus with community service organizations.  Available Federal Work-Study positions and job descriptions are listed below.

The student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have a valid EFC (expected family contribution) before being considered for this program.  The student also must:

• Be maintaining satisfactory academic progress (SAP) towards the completion of his or her program of study.

• Not be in default on a federal student loan or owe a repayment to any federal or state program.

• Be enrolled in an eligible program of study.

Available FWS Positions

Please view the available FWS positions below, read the descriptions, then apply to any that interest you.

FWS Academic Support – Murphy

FWS Bookstore – Carroll

FWS Bookstore – Coweta

FWS Bookstore – Douglas

FWS Bookstore – LaGrange

FWS Bookstore – Murphy

FWS CISM,COMP,BUSN Peer Tutor – Carroll

FWS CISM,COMP,BUSN Peer Tutor – Coweta

FWS CISM,COMP,BUSN Peer Tutor – Douglas

FWS CISM,COMP,BUSN Peer Tutor – LaGrange

FWS Enrollment Center – Carroll

FWS Enrollment Center – Coweta

FWS Enrollment Center – Douglas

FWS Enrollment Center – Murphy

FWS Financial Aid – Carroll

FWS Financial Aid – Coweta

FWS Financial Aid – Douglas

FWS Financial Aid – Murphy

FWS Health Science -Douglas

FWS Human Resources – Murphy

FWS Information Technology – Douglas

FWS Library -Carroll

FWS Library -Coweta

FWS Library -Douglas

FWS Library -LaGrange

FWS Nurse Aid – Douglas CCI

FWS Pharmacy Tech – Douglas

FWS Student Life – Murphy

FWS Veteran Affairs – Carroll



After reviewing the available positions, you may submit an application.