Federal Work Study Program

Federal Work Study is a need-based federal work program to help students fund educational expenses by providing employment opportunities on campus and off-campus with community service organizations.  Available Federal Work-Study positions and job descriptions are listed below.

The student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have a valid EFC (expected family contribution) before being considered for this program.  The student also must:

• Be maintaining satisfactory academic progress (SAP) towards the completion of his or her program of study.

• Not be in default on a federal student loan or owe a repayment to any federal or state program.

• Be enrolled in an eligible program of study.

Available FWS Positions

Please view the available FWS positions below, read the descriptions, then apply to any that interest you.

FWS Facilities and Maintenance – Douglas

FWS Academic Support Receptionist – Murphy

FWS Bookstore – Carroll

FWS Bookstore – Coweta

FWS Bookstore – Douglas

FWS Bookstore – LaGrange

FWS Bookstore – Murphy

FWS Business Technology – Carroll

FWS CISM,COMP,BUSN Peer Tutor – Carroll

FWS CISM,COMP,BUSN Peer Tutor – Coweta

FWS CISM,COMP,BUSN Peer Tutor – Douglas

FWS CISM,COMP,BUSN Peer Tutor – LaGrange

FWS Dean of Students – Murphy

FWS Early Childhood Care and Education Internship

FWS Electrical Systems Peer Tutor – Carroll

FWS Enrollment Center – Carroll

FWS Enrollment Center – Coweta

FWS Enrollment Center – Douglas

FWS Enrollment Center – Murphy

FWS Financial Aid – Carroll

FWS Financial Aid – Coweta

FWS Financial Aid – Douglas

FWS Financial Aid – LaGrange

FWS Financial Aid – Murphy

FWS Human Resources – Murphy

FWS Information Technology – Carroll

FWS Information Technology – Coweta

FWS Information Technology – Douglas

FWS Information Technology – LaGrange

FWS Information Technology – Murphy

FWS Instructional Design – Murphy

FWS Library -Carroll

FWS Library -Coweta

FWS Library -Douglas

FWS Library -LaGrange

FWS Nurse Aid – Carroll

FWS Nurse Aid – Coweta CEC

FWS Nurse Aid – Douglas CCI

FWS Pharmacy Tech – Douglas

FWS Precision Manufacturing Maintenance – Coweta

FWS Precision Manufacturing Maintenance – LaGrange

FWS Receptionist – Carroll

FWS Receptionist – Coweta

FWS Receptionist – Murphy

FWS Registrar – Murphy

FWS Science (A&P) Peer Tutor

FWS Student Life – Murphy

FWS Veteran Affairs – Carroll

FWS Welding Peer Tutor – Carroll

FWS Public Library Children’s Specialist Assistant

FWS ECCE Classroom Assistant


After reviewing the available positions, you may submit an application.