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covid virus

COVID Information

COVID Information

With the recent surge in COVID cases, multiple variants, and the change in guidelines from the CDC, the state has issued an amended order regarding isolation and quarantine for COVID positive tests, symptomatic vs asymptomatic cases, and exposures. We want you to know that our college receives guidance and updates as they become available, directly from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH). We are also very fortunate to have direct and sometimes one-on-one phone calls with DPH to discuss protocols. These are the protocols that West Georgia Technical College has been, is, and will continue to follow.

For the duration of the virus, we have followed these agency directives and have had good success throughout our college. One main point to keep in mind is that we must react to the symptoms of the individual case as it is not a one size fits all response. This is another reason why it is incredibly important for everyone to utilize the COVID Notification Reporting Form.

Use this form immediately if you have tested positive or if you are feeling symptoms that might be COVID related. Please be thorough in completing the form so that all pertinent information can be considered. Understand that by filling out the COVID Notification Reporting Form, our response to you will be a response using the most recent guidelines and recommendations from the CDC and the DPH. The form also helps us to determine if we have a hot spot in the college and may need to consider additional action.

Due to many illnesses currently in the area, if you are sick, we encourage you to get a test to determine if you have COVID or something else. Regardless, if you have any fever, do not come to campus until the fever has passed and you can go 24 hours without fever or the medication used to control it. As always, the guidance from the CDC and the DPH changes over time; we will continue to change with it.

Reminder: If you experience symptoms, or test positive, please complete the COVID Notification Reporting Form. You will receive an email advising you of the actions you should take, if any. Situations will be carefully and individually considered based upon self-reported details of your personal situation.

Thank you for your help in keeping WGTC operating efficiently and effectively so we can continue to educate and serve you in the best way possible.