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Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment

What is Prior Learning Assessment?

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a pathway for assessing learning gained outside of a traditional academic environment. Examples include learning acquired through military training, employment, volunteer experience, corporate training, independent study, non-transferable credit courses, or other relevant experience.

Through PLA, we evaluate how your prior experience might translate to college-level knowledge, and how that knowledge might equate to college credit. PLA can save you time and money because you may not be required to take classes for material that you have already mastered. Of course, not all experiences and learning will be at the college level. Reviewing WGTC’s catalog may help you identify where your knowledge overlaps course material.

Goals of the PLA Process:

• Recognize and reward experience outside of the classroom
• Help students save time and money by reducing duplication of learned material

How to Apply for PLA Credit:

All steps required to apply for college credit for prior learning are included in the PLA Student Handbook.

PLA Tables and Forms

Credit by Standardized National Exemption Tables | Credit By Institution Exam Table

Credit by Military Training Table

Documented Learning Table

Regionally and Nationally Recognized Accreditation Agencies Tables