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Academic Probation and Suspension

Students who earn a cumulative GPA at the end of a semester of less than 2.0 are placed on academic probation. The GPA is calculated according to the College’s grading system and grade point formula found in sections Grading System and Grade Point Average (GPA) of the college catalog. Students who are placed on academic probation must earn a minimum of a 2.0 GPA the following term of attendance. Students who fail to earn a 2.0 GPA while on probation are subject to academic suspension. A student who receives an academic suspension may apply for re-admission after one full term. During the first semester of enrollment after academic suspension, a student is placed on academic probation. Overall GPA must be 2.0 or better before graduation can occur.


Transfer Credit from Other Institutions

Students may request transfer of credit for course work completed at a nationally or regionally recognized accredited institution. To comply with state policy, West Georgia Technical College requires that a minimum of 25 percent of the course work of a particular program of study be completed at WGTC in order to grant the award. The registrar may confer with program instructors when determining appropriateness of transfer request but is responsible for final transfer credit approval. Students who have been educated outside of the United States will need to have their transcripts translated and evaluated by professional credential evaluation services before any credit will be considered.


1. Student may request review for transfer of credit within the first semester of attendance by emailing

2. Student must provide an official transcript from the institution with which course work was completed. Transfer credit may not be awarded if credit is showing on transcript as transfer or exemption credit.

3. Course work must be concurrent with the curriculum outline of the student’s current program of study. Student may be required to furnish course catalog or course syllabus.

4. Previous course work must have been completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better to be considered for transfer credit.

5. Certain courses are subject to time limitations. Specific technical, science and health sciences courses may not be considered for transfer credit after seven years.

6. Student will be notified via Self-Service Banner Web account.