WGTC Foundation Scholarships

SemesterFall (2022)Spring (2023)Summer (2023)
Scholarship Application Opens6/18/202210/17/20223/6/2023
Scholarship Application Deadline7/12/202211/11/20223/31/2023
Scholarship Applications Reviewed7/13/2022-7/19/202211/14/2022-11/21/20224/4/2023-4/10/2023
Scholarship Award Date7/22/202211/29/20224/13/2023
Scholarship Thank You Letters Due7/29/202212/6/20224/20/2023



West Georgia Technical College Foundation scholarships uses the software AwardSpring to facilitate and streamline your scholarship application process. Students must be enrolled at WGTC and have a minimum GPA of 2.0 to be eligible for scholarships. (Be sure your internet browser is Internet Explorer version 10 or beyond, or use any version of Chrome or Firefox.)

You will be emailed when the scholarship cycle opens.

Step 1: Create an Account

Visit AwardSpring and create an account using your student email address. You will be emailed a link to confirm your registration. Please record your password for future use, as you will use this same account and password to apply each semester.

Based on your GPA, program of study, and other factors specific to your account, you will automatically be matched with scholarships for which you qualify.

Step 2: Apply for Scholarships


Some scholarships require proof of residency or other specific documents you will need to upload. Be sure to provide all information that is requested.

You do not have to complete the application all at once. You may log back in with your student email address and password at any time.

Step 3: Register for Classes

Scholarship applications will not be considered until you have enrolled for the semester you are applying for.

Step 4: Notification

You will be notified by student email confirming or denying your scholarship award(s) by close of business day on the Award Day, please refer to chart for date.

Step 5: Thank You Letters

All students who have been awarded scholarship funds must write and upload a thank you letter by the date specified in the chart. Failure to submit your thank you letter on time will result in loss of the scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions for WGTC Foundation Scholarships

How do I apply for a WGTC Foundation Scholarship?

  • Students must apply each term by the published deadline
  • Review the available scholarships and criteria to determine if you qualify for a particular scholarship
  • Submit the completed application online within the published deadlines
  • Please note the scholarship application deadline to be considered for a scholarship. No applications will be accepted after the scholarship deadline.

If I am awarded a scholarship, what happens next?

  • The Foundation Office will send an email to all students confirming or denying your scholarship award(s).
  • If you receive a scholarship, you will be required to write a “thank you” letter to the donor and upload it to the scholarship application software (AwardSpring). The donor will be named in your award email.
  • West Georgia Technical College’s Institutional Advancement Office staff will handle promotional coverage of all scholarships. They may request additional information from you and/or a photo for promotional publications.
  • Scholarship awards will be loaded into your Banner account to be used for tuition, books, and fees.


West Georgia Technical College Foundation Scholarships

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ScholarshipCriteriaEstimated Award Amount Per StudentEstimated Awards Per Semester
Bowdon Hospital Authority ScholarshipHealth Sciences or Nursing Programs; Carroll, Coweta, Douglas, Haralson counties and Cleburne or Randolph counties in Alabama residents. Preference to 30108 ZIP Code.$500 5
Caterpillar DEM Grant Fund ScholarshipDiesel Equipment Tech & Heavy Diesel Service Tech Programs$500 6
Coweta-Fayette EMC ScholarshipOpen to students attending CEC, Coweta Campus, or Franklin Site$500 4
Georgia Automotive Dealers Association ScholarshipOpen to students in any automotive related fields of study with a minimum GAP of 2.0.VariesVaries
GreyStone Power Capstone ScholarshipDouglas Co. resident$500 2
Holland M. Ware Healthcare, Nursing, and Public Services ScholarshipMust be pursuing a degree in Nursing, Business Management, Healthcare Management; Home Campus must be Coweta, LaGrange, Franklin, or Greenville.$1,000 3
Holland M. Ware Trade and Industrial ScholarshipMust be pursing a degree in Manufacturing & Production, Installation & Repair Programs; Home Campus must be Coweta, LaGrange, Franklin, or Greenville.$1,000 2
Holland M. Ware Veterans ScholarshipThis scholarship is open to veterans enrolled in any program of study for certificate, diploma, or degree. Home campus must be Coweta, LaGrange, Greenville, or Franklin.VariesVaries
J. Randy Jackson Legacy ScholarshipMust have completed coursework at the thINC Academy and be attending the LaGrange Campus. Must be an incoming student.$500 1
Manufacturers Education Foundation ScholarshipStudents must be enrolled in one of the following areas of study: Electrical Construction and Maintenance, Electronics and Telecommunications, Engineering Technology, Industrial Systems Technology, Machine Tool Technology, Precision Manufacturing and Maintenance, Welding and Joining Technology.$500 3
Parkway Hospital Auxiliary ScholarshipHealth Sciences or Nursing Programs; Douglas Co. Resident$500 4
Robert D. Tisinger Scholarship FundMust live in a home served by Carroll EMC or parent/guardian must live in a home served by Carroll EMC$500 15
Rotary Club of Carrollton-Dawnbreakers ScholarshipThe Rotary Club of Carrollton-Dawnbreakers Scholarship are for students who reside in Carroll County. Preference to students who were awarded the Rotary Club of Carrollton-Dawnbreakers GED Scholarship.$500 2
Snider Family ScholarshipScholarship will cover two-thirds (2/3) of the student’s tuition and fees. Student will be responsible for paying the remaining one-third (1/3). The scholarship will only be for the completion of one (1) program (certificate, diploma, degree).Student must be enrolled in WGTC pursuing a certificate, diploma, or degree in the following areas: Business and Healthcare Management; Nursing; Health Services; Manufacturing and Production; Professional Services; Installation, Maintenance, and Repair; Architecture and Engineering; Systems Information Management. Student cannot be receiving the Pell or Hope Grant.

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Southwire Industrial Systems Technology ScholarshipIndustrial Systems Technology Program; Carroll Campus only$500 10
Southwire Machine Tool Technology ScholarshipMachine Tool Technology Program; Carroll Campus only$500 5
Southwire Precision Manufacturing & Maintenance ScholarshipPrecision Manufacturing & Maintenance Program; Carroll Campus only$500 10
Star Foundation ScholarshipHaralson County and Cleburne or Randolph counties in Alabama residents.$500 1
The Gene Haas Foundation ScholarshipCNC Technology students and/or NIMS credentials$2,500 Varies
The Swope Family Fund Pillar ScholarshipScholarship open to any program of study to students that reside in Coweta County.$500 2
WellStar Douglas Hospital ScholarshipStudents must be enrolled in Health Sciences or Nursing Programs. The Douglas Campus must be students home campus. Student must have a GPA of 2.5 or greater.$1,000 6
WGTC Foundation ScholarshipOpen to all students$500 10

Student must be making satisfactory academic progress in order to qualify.

Student must be enrolled in a certificate, diploma or degree program in order to qualify. Student must demonstrate financial need.


Additional Scholarships*

Teach Early Childhood Scholarships

Horatio Alger National Career & Technical Scholarship Program

Varsity Tutors Scholarship

SME Education Foundation Scholarship Opportunities

Lockheed Martin Vocational Scholarship

American Welding Society Foundation Scholarships


* WGTC Foundation does not bear responsibility for the following opportunities available through third party scholarship providers.

To learn more about how you can invest in WGTC Foundation, please contact Brittney Henderson, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement for WGTC, at (678) 664-0515 or by email at Brittney.Henderson@westgatech.edu.