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GED Classes

It doesn’t matter to us why you didn’t finish high school. That’s in the past. We’re focused on the future. Your future can be just as bright as a traditional high school graduate’s – college, career, a future with possibilities.

adult ed classroom

GED Classes

WGTC Department of Adult Education offers FREE GED test preparation, career exploration, workplace readiness training, and dual enrollment in our college program.

Our students have access to:

  • Hybrid learning platform
  • GED® Ready official practice test vouchers
  • GED® testing scholarships (if you qualify)
  • WGTC application fee waiver
  • College and career guidance
  • Resume preparation and mock interviews
  • Employer referrals
  • Computer literacy certifications
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Integrated Education and Training (IET)

Classes are available throughout the community, Monday through Thursday.

To register, please contact your preferred campus for an appointment