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Periodical Lists

Periodical Lists

At West Georgia Technical College, we strive to offer a wide selection of periodicals to meet your needs. Newspapers, magazines and journals are up-to-date and available with current information.

These items are available in hard copy at the campus libraries and several are available electronically through GALILEO.

Newspapers: These are kept as space provides at each campus location.

Magazines and journals: Back issues are kept for a minimum of one year. The magazines and journals supporting trades, health sciences, business, and technology areas are typically kept for a longer period of time.

Below is a list of all periodicals available at West Georgia Tech, along with the dates they are available on GALILEO, and at which campus location they can be found.


Accounting Today 1992-present         X
Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration 1994-present X     X  
American Journal of Nursing           X
American Nurse Journal   X     X  
Applied Radiology 3/2004-present     X    
Architectural Digest 9/2008-present X        
CMA Today         X  
College English 1988-present         X
Community College Journal 2005-present X        
Congress at Your Fingertips            
Consumer Reports 1991-present   X      
Consumer Reports on Health 1992-present   X      
Contractor   X        
Cooks Illustrated       X    
Criminal Justice 2005-present     X X  
Dimensions of Dental Hygiene     X X    
Dimensions of Early Childhood Education     X      
Exchange   X     X  
Fire Engineering 1995-present       X  
Food & Wine 2015-present X        
Game Informer Magazine       X    
Good Reading           X
Highlights 9/1993-present X        
Highlights High Five   X        
Home Shop Machinist   X        
Hot Rod   X   X X  
HPAC Engineering   X        
Humpty Dumpty 1994-present       X  
Inc.           X
Journal of Allied Health 2002-present X       X
Journal of Developmental Education 1996-present   X      
Journal of Nursing Research           X
Journal of Public Health Dentistry       X    
JADA (Journal of the the American Dental Association)       X    
Ladybug 1994-present     X    
Library Journal 1976-present     X    
Maximum PC       X    
Minority Business Enterprise   X        
Motor Trend   X        
National Geographic 2001-present   X      
Newsweek 2013-present         X
New Yorker 2004-present         X
Office Pro 1997-present       X X
Police       X    
Psychology Today 1992-present         X
Radiographics       X    
Radiographic Technology       X    
Reader’s Digest     X      
Salon Magazine     X      
Science News 1975-present     X    
Smithsonian 6/1990-present     X    
Surgical Technologist     X     X
Taste of the South     X      
Time 1923-present     X   X
Transportation Topics   X        
Welding Journal   X   X X