Periodical Lists

At West Georgia Technical College, we strive to offer a wide selection of periodicals to meet your needs. Newspapers, magazines and journals are up-to-date and available for current information. In addition, collections of prior editions are available to meet your historical research needs.

These items may be available in hard copy in the library.

Newspapers: These are kept for a minimum of three months at each campus location.

Magazines and journals: These are kept for a minimum of one year. Those magazines and journals supporting academics to include, trades, health sciences, business, and technology areas are typically kept for a minimum of three years.

Below is a list of all periodicals available at West Georgia Tech, with the dates available and at which campus location they can be found!

Academy of Management Review1985-presentXX
Accounting Today1992-presentXX
Advertising AgeFrom 01/01/1992 to present (with a 3 Day delay)X
Air Conditioning Heating & RefrigerationFrom 1994 to presentXXXX
American Dental Association NewsX
American Journal of NursingXXX
American Nurse TodayX
American Police BeatX
American SalonFrom 02/01/1995 to presentX
Applied Nursing ResearchX
Applied RadiologyFrom 03/01/2004 to presentXX
Architectural DigestX
Art Galleries & Artists of the SouthX
AtlantaFrom 01/01/2000 to presentX
Better Homes & Gardens1994 – PresentX
Black EnterpriseFrom 1990 to presentXXX
Bloomberg Business WeekFrom 12/30/1996 to presentXXXX
Bodyshop Business1998 – 2000X
Bon AppetitXXX
Brain WorldX
Brake & Front End1998 -2000XX
CADalystFrom Nov 1998 (Vol. 15, no. 11) – presentX
Car and DriverXX
Car CraftX
Chronicle of Higher Education1999 – PresentX
CMA TodayFrom Mar/Apr 2003 – Jan/Feb 2008 ; Jul/Aug 2016XXX
College & research libraries news2004 – PresentX
Community College Journal2005 to presentX
Compendium of Continuing Education in DentistryFrom 2006 to presentX
Consumer Reports1991 – PresentX
Consumer Reports Buying Guide1991 PresentX
Consumer Reports on Health1992 PresentX
Contractor1999 to presentX
Cooking for ProfitX
Criminal JusticeFrom 1999 to presentXX
Criminal Justice StudiesX
Critical Care Nurse2002 to presentX
CRM Magazine1/2004-presentX
Digital OutputX
Digital Video MagazineFrom Oct 2011 (Vol. 19, no. 10) – presentX
Dimensions of Early Childhood EducationX
Discover2001 to presentX
Diverse Issues in Higher Education1996 to presentX
Drug TopicsFrom 1991 – present, some exceptionsX
EC&M1996 to presentX
Economist1992 to presentX
Emergency MedicineFrom Oct 1998 (Vol. 30, no. 10) – Feb 2003 (Vol. 35, no. 2)X
EMS World2007 – PresentXX
English Journal1988 to presentX
Entertainment Weekly1994 to presentX
Entrepreneur2003 – PresentX
Fire RescueXX
Fitness MagazineX
Food & wine2015 to presentXX
Georgia Courts JournalX
Georgia MagazineX
Georgia Trend1986 – PresentXX
Highlights1993 to presentX
Highlights High Five2015 to presentX
Home Shop MachinistX
Hot Hair NowX
Hot Rod1994 to 1995XX
HPAC EngineeringX
Humpty Dumpty1/1994-presentX
Hype HairXX
JEMS (Journal of Emergency Medical Services)XX
Journal of Accountancy1/1985-presentXX
Journal of Allied Health2002 -PresentXXX
Journal of American Dental AssociationX
Journal of Clinical DentistryX
Journal of CosmetologyX
Journal of Crime and JusticeX
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology1993 – PresentX
Journal of Developmental Education1996 – PresentX
Journal of Nuclear Medical TechnologyX
Journal of Nursing Research2002 to 2009X
Journal of PeriodontologyX
Journal of Psychosocial Nursing2003 to 2010X
Journal of Public Health DentistryX
Journal of Research in Childhood EducationFrom Spring/Summer 1997 (Vol. 11, no. 2) – Summer 2009 (Vol. 23, no. 4)X
Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA)X
Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)X
Law and Order1998 to presentXX
Library Journal1976 to presentXX
Local PalateX
Martha Stewart LivingX
Mathematics Teacher1992 to 2003X
Minority Business EnterpriseX
MIT Technology Review (Technology Review)5/1990-presentX
Modern Machine Shop8/1996-presentX
Modern SalonXXX
Motor Age7/1999-presentX
Motor Trend1988 to 1995XX
Multicultural Education1999 to presentX
Nail ProXX
Nails MagazineX
National Geographic2012 to presentXXX
New Yorker2004 – PresentX
Nursing Forum1998 to presentX
Nursing OutlookX
O: The Oprah Magazine2004 – PresentX
Office Pro8/1993-presentXX
Page OneX
Parents1988 – 1995XX
PeopleFrom 01/10/1994 to presentXX
Poets & Writers2004 – PresentX
Police1998 – 2000X
Popular Mechanics1996 to presentXX
Popular Science2001 to presentX
Practical Welding TodayX
Prevention1990 – PresentX
Progressive FarmerX
Psychology Today1992 to presentXXXX
RadiographicsFrom 2009 volume: 29 until 2013 volume: 33 issue:6X
Radiologic TechnologyXXX
Ranger Rick1994 – PresentX
Reader’s DigestX
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Magazine (RAC)X
Restaurant Startup & GrowthX
Salon MagazineX
Science News1975 – PresentXXX
Scientific AmericanFrom 01/01/2007 to presentX
Scientific American Mind2004 to presentX
Snips2002 to presentX
Sophisticates Black HairX
South3/1993-pressent (12 month delay)X
Southern Living1988 – PresentXX
Speech Technology1/2007-presentX
Surgical TechnologistX
Surgical TechnologyX
Taste of the SouthX
Tech Directions1/1995-presentX
Tech Shop (Supplement to Brake and Front End)X
The American Nurse2001 to presentX
The Nation2012 – PresentX
Time1923 – PresentXXX
Transport TopicsX
Ultrasonic ImagingX
Underhood ServiceFrom 1998 until 2000X
University Business12/2001-presentX
VFW Magazine1991 – presentX
Welding JournalXXXX
Wired2008 – PresentXX
Women & Criminal JusticeX
Workforce1997 – 2003 / 2013 – PresentXXX
Writer’s Digest1992 – 2001X
YC Young ChildrenFrom Jan 2004 (Vol. 59, no. 1) – presentXX