Academic Resources

West Georgia Technical College provides a wide range of Academic Resources available to assist you with your academic needs. Whether you are deciding on a program of study, need information on attendance requirements, or just need information about school holidays, we are here to assist. Our goal is to provide resources that help enhance your opportunities for academic success.

How Can We Help You with Your Academic Needs?

Information on class start dates, holidays, registration, exam days, and other important dates can be found on the Academic Calendar. The calendar allows you to pre-plan your college classes as much as a year in advance to take care of any necessary funding and course planning.

If you have detailed questions or concerns related to your academic programs and courses, please know that WGTC Academic Leadership cares about your concerns or needs. We are here to help! The leadership team is available for one-on-one meetings and can be contacted via email, phone or by scheduled personal appointment. Our goal is to assist you in any way we can in achieving your academic goals.

If you need information concerning school policies and procedures, admission, accreditation, financial aid, faculty and staff credentials, program curriculum and other general information you may want to reference the student catalog and student handbook. You may also want to check out the library web page for locations, hours and available resources that can be found in each location. For your textbook needs we offer bookstores on each of our five major campuses, or you may purchase your books at our online bookstore.

man assisting students at computer

Regardless of your academic need, please know that we are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to seek assistance from any of our Academic Leadership team, or you can always contact us at (770) 537-6000 and a helpful assistant will help direct your call to someone that can help.

Your success is our success!