Financial Aid Resources

Federal Student Aid is the federal government’s comprehensive website on all aspects of financial aid from exploring financial aid eligibility, types of aid available, applying for financial aid, FAFSA completion, completion of requirements for loan disbursement, grant and loan history, and loan repayment options.


FAFSA Application – Federal Student Aid is the government website for completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  There is no cost associated with completing your FAFSA on this website.


GAFutures is the State of Georgia resource for Georgia resident on preparing for college, apply for financial aid, career exploration and state and federal financial aid programs.


FATV is a series of 3-5 minute videos on various topics such as financial aid eligibility, types of financial aid, the financial aid application process, money and debt management, budgeting, wellness and self-care, etc.


Fastweb is a free online resource to help students search for scholarships that are offered by various sources around the nation. The scholarship process through Fastweb is not affiliated with West Georgia Technical College. Users of Fastweb should address all questions to the scholarship provider and adhere to the guidelines established by the scholarship provider.


Student Success Resources

West Georgia Technical College is committed to student success and provides resources to assist students in accomplishing their educational goals. Below are links to help students with choosing a career, study skill and tutoring services.

Career Aptitude provides student with information on selecting a career path and assessment tools to identify their skill sets. To access this site, use the following: username: wgatc and password: gcis617.


Tutoring Resources provide access to tutoring services on campus and online.


Student Success videos, such as the ones below, are recommended to students as a resource to aid in their success in college.


Study Skills video

Effective Note Taking video

Time Management video