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Student Life

“Cultivating the development of the total student through enriching social, cultural, physical, intellectual and community centered activities.” – Office of Student Life.

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Student Life

The Office of Student Life works directly with the Student Government Association, several student organizations and other members of the college and community to develop and implement social, educational and community-oriented programs for the West Georgia Technical College students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members.


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See the stories of some of our current students!

Harriet Frempong "The culinary training that I receive at WGTC gives me the confidence to rub shoulders with other trained chefs in my community and country as a whole. Cooking has always been my passion so getting to do it as my job is exciting, and I cannot wait to start. After graduation, I plan to polish my skills as a restaurant or cafeteria chef. Ultimately, my dream is to open my own African restaurant to honor my roots."
Kailan Schmock "I first attended West Georgia Technical College some time ago to get some core classes done because I wasn’t quite sure of the direction I wanted to go. I transferred to UWG and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications but unintentionally fell in to the veterinary field. Since then, I have grown to love all things medical and decided to return to WGTC to pursue a degree in Radiologic Technology. WGTC makes it possible for me to work and go back to school, allowing me to function as an adult while working towards bettering my future. Thanks to West Georgia Tech, I finally stopped just thinking about my dream career and started chasing it."
Erica Key “West Georgia Technical College has made it easy for me to keep pushing forward to reach my goals. I completed my GED here and just finished the Basic Dental Assisting Technical Certificate Program. My immediate plan is to go into the Advanced Dental Assisting Technical Certificate Program. WGTC has helped me transition into a new career, and now I am able to provide more for my family.”
Anna Poe "I chose WGTC because it is a smaller learning environment close to home and fit well into my life. I am not a conventional student and came to WGTC already having obtained a degree from a University. I wanted to add a skill set to allow me to work in healthcare. What I found in the Clinical Laboratory Technology program was a dedicated group of teachers invested in helping students attain their educational and career goals. The CLT Program at WGTC changed my life by helping me meet my goal of obtaining a marketable skill set to work in healthcare and has allowed me to help patients from behind the scenes."
Yujie McKoy “West Georgia Technical College has helped change my life by teaching me the skills I needed to start a new career. I’ve had great professors in the Clinical Laboratory Technology program who have given me the help and support I need to achieve my goals. After I graduate from WGTC, I plan to work in a hospital lab and continue my education by pursuing a bachelor’s degree.”
Isabella Gruber "WGTC has changed my life! I chose to start WGTC at 16 because I felt that the opportunities were endless and I could put myself ahead, but I have also had so much personal growth here. I learned how to not only become a young professional but how to adapt to different environments."
Carly Rider - I chose WGTC to pursue a career in Radiologic Technology. The program I was accepted into has given me all the tools needed to be successful. My professors truly are the best cheerleaders and do everything possible to make sure we are reaching our goals. WGTC has changed my life by allowing me to meet classmates that will be lifelong friends, while challenging me academically at the same time. My future plans are to pass the registry and become a Radiologic Technologist. Later I hope to continue my education in ultrasound. I am very thankful for the journey I have had at WGTC.
Danielle Moynihan - After 13 years in the workforce, I needed a change. I chose WGTC because it was close to home and has an amazing radiology program. Being a student at WGTC has changed my life. I have met wonderful teachers, techs, and classmates in the radiology program that have helped mold me and will forever be in my life. After graduation, I plan to work at my favorite hospital, pursue my bachelor’s degree, and go into nuclear medicine.
Jordan Lindall - As a working adult seven years out of high school, I was struggling to find a college that would work with my schedule and budget. After many phone calls with online and local colleges, I found an ally in a WGTC advisor. One phone call with someone that cared, and I knew I wanted to attend West Georgia Technical College. I will forever be grateful for the time I spent here. Every one of my classes have been immersive and truly helpful, and WGTC has helped me design a plan for my future without any added stress or unnecessary obstacles. I have been accepted into Mercer University’s adult program where I will pursue my bachelor’s in Social Work with a minor in Library Science.
Tiffany Brown - “WGTC has given me the most rewarding experiences a student could have. It has challenged me to work harder than ever before and learn what it takes to be a successful Radiologic Technologist. At WGTC I am not just another number passing through…my success actually matters.”
Laken Thompson - "West Georgia Tech has changed my life by giving me every opportunity to better myself and everything I need to succeed. I never looked forward to going to college, but now I wake up in the mornings excited to get to do something I love every day. I look forward to working in a salon and building my clientele, and someday I hope to own a salon and give cosmetology students a place to assist before they graduate."
Keyshauna Pipitone - "When I decided to further my education, I chose West Georgia Technical College because it offered so many programs to choose from and flexible classes that allow me to fit school into my schedule. I am so thankful to WGTC for giving me the opportunity to follow my career goals and work towards providing a better life for my kids and my family."
Jasmine Jackson - "I knew I wanted more out of life than just being a CNA. I researched community colleges and chose WGTC after hearing great things about the cosmetology program and instructors. Changing careers isn’t easy, but I have three children at home who motivate me to pursue my dreams and an amazing cosmetology instructor who will not let me give up. I am so grateful to WGTC for helping me find a career I really love! I look forward to opening my own salon after graduation."
Abigail Shaffer - "After high school, I immediately jumped into the workforce and got married, so starting college for the first time at the age of 39 was terrifying! I have just completed my first semester here, and I am overjoyed at my choice to attend WGTC. My professors went above and beyond to help guide and teach me, and WGTC has allowed me the affordability and flexibility that I need as a full-time working mom. My boss has even noticed an improvement in my writing skills! I look forward to obtaining a business degree from WGTC and securing my future development in the workforce."
Harriet Frempong
Kailan Schmock
Erica Key
Anna Poe
Yujie McKoy
Isabella Gruber
Carly Rider
Danielle Moynihan
Jordan Lindall
Tiffany Brown
Laken Thompson
Keyshauna Pipitone
Jasmine Jackson
Abigail Shaffer
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Feel free to contact us anytime with questions, comments, or concerns:

West Georgia Technical College

Office of Student Life

176 Murphy Campus Blvd

Waco, GA 30182

Phone: 770-537-6007


Office Location: Murphy Campus, Building: Student Services, Room: 1131A