How do you get on a wait List?

  1. Log in to Self Service Banner by clicking Login on the top right of this page.
  2. Click Student Services and Financial Aid tab.

  3. Click Registration.

  4. Click Add/Drop Classes and select Term.

  5. Click Class Search, at the bottom of the screen, to search for available class offerings.

  6. Select the Subject and then the Course Number and View Sections.

  7. If the class is C (Closed) you will not be able to register or add it to your worksheet from here. Make note of the CRN and then return back to the Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes screen.

  8. Place the CRN in the Add Classes Worksheet CRNs field and Submit Changes.

  9. This provides a drop down Action Field where you can choose None or Wait Listed, select Wait Listed and Submit Changes.

  10. The class will display on your Student Detail Schedule with a status of Wait Listed.
* Please note that not all courses have a wait list.

** More Information on the Wait List Procedures