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Registration Information

Phone the Registrar’s Office toll free at 1-855-253-7344.
Email us at registrar@westgatech.edu.

West Georgia Tech registration dates are listed on the academic calendar.

Registration is conducted via the web or with advising assistance available from a Student Advising Center staff person or from an academic advisor. New Courses available for registration are listed on the College website. There are several phases of registration each semester, to serve various groups of students.

Enrollment and Degree Verification - West Georgia Technical College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications. The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at:

Web: www.degreeverify.org

National Student Clearinghouse
13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171

Returning Student Registration is open to currently enrolled students near the mid-point of each semester. Students who have been out only one semester may register with returning students. Returning student registration is not available to Special Status or Transient students.

NOTE: Students may not register by phone but may schedule an appointment with program advisors by emailing. In determining semester schedules, the online version is the most accurate list of available classes.

Open Registration (new student registration) begins one week after returning student registration begins and allows for registration of new students, Special Status and Transient students who have been admitted in the first part of the semester and those who are admitted during the time leading up to the final day of open registration, scheduled each semester at each campus.

Late Registration is open to all students who do not take advantage of early registration or the open registration period, or who apply by the application deadline for late registration. Late registration is held the business day immediately prior to the first day of each semester. Students may register at any campus or online through Self Service Banner Web.

Drop/Add is scheduled the first three days of each academic semester. Students wishing to make changes to their schedules must do so by the third day of the semester. Students may drop or add courses during this period. Courses dropped during Drop/Add will not appear on the student’s official academic record.

Withdrawal from one or more courses before or during the Drop/Add period will not incur tuition or fee penalties or appear on a student’s academic record. Students who need to withdraw from one or more courses after the third day of the semester must do so either by accessing their Banner Web account to withdraw, or by emailing registrar@westgatech.edu. The course(s) will be included on the student’s transcript.

  1. Any student withdrawing from ALL classes for the academic semester must complete an Official Withdrawal Form in the Office of Student Affairs.

  2. The date the Office of Student Affairs receives the student’s Official Withdrawal Form will be used as the effective date of withdrawal.

Withdrawal during the first three days of the semester provides for the refund of 100 percent of applicable tuition and fees.

‘No Shows’ are reported for nonattendance in the first week of the semester. Any student who fails to show for class or log in with academic activity for online classes within the first seven days of the semester will be reported as a ‘No Show.’ ‘No Show’ classes will not appear on a student’s record. Financial aid students who have been reported as a ‘No Show’ will become responsible for all charges.

Special Status and Transient Student Registration is available during the open registration period each semester. Registration for students admitted in special status is available to new students who complete their admissions file by the semester application deadline, currently enrolled special status students, and previous special status students who request readmission by the semester application deadline. Registration for transient students is available to new students who complete their admissions file by the semester application deadline. Registration for currently enrolled transient students is available to students who submit a transient student letter at least two weeks prior to registration each semester. Registration for previously enrolled transient students is available to students who request readmission and submit a transient student letter by the semester application deadline.


Orientation acquaints students with West Georgia Technical College, its policies, and its services. New students and students who have returned to WGTC after two or more semesters away are required to complete the New Student Orientation online prior to registration. Additional orientation information is provided by instructors in each of the College’s programs of study. The catalog also details further information on the policies and services provided by the institution.

Student Identification Number

At the time of admission to the College, each student will be assigned a nine-digit identification number to be used throughout the time of enrollment. This student number will be used during course registration, for online course access, and in many other situations as students’ primary means of access to their academic and financial aid records.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

At the time of admission to the College, each student will be assigned a default six-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). This number will be used by students to gain access to their academic and financial records in Self Service Banner Web. For security purposes, students are encouraged to change their PIN from the default in order to maintain the confidentiality of their records.

Student E-mail

Students will receive a West Georgia Technical College email account upon admission. Student email is the primary vehicle used for communication of important events, announcements, deadlines, financial aid information, registration, and much more. All instructors will require students to access their school email accounts for course information and updates throughout the semester. Instructions for email usage are located on the Self Service Banner Web page of the West Georgia Technical College web site.

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