Banner Web FAQ


Q:What is Banner?

Banner is WGTC’s integrated information management system.

Q:What will it do for students?

Banner offers self-service access to your academic and financial information. You can access your Banner student account 24/7 online.

Q:What will I see on my Self Service Banner account?

You can review the College’s course schedule, pay your tuition bills online, accept your financial aid online. You can also view your:

  • Class schedule
  • Financial aid payments
  • Grades and Transcripts
Q:How can I access my Self Service Banner account?

Click on Banner Login. Use your Username and Password to access your account.

Q:What is a Self Service Banner USER ID?

Your Self Service Banner Web Username is the part of your student email before the @ symbol.

Q:How do I get a Password?

Your Password is your 8 digit date of birth in MMDDYYYY format.

If you are unable to access your Self Service Banner account for any reason, please contact the online student Helpdesk.


Q:Why can't I view my grades?

There are two possibilities: (1) There may be a hold on your account. It will give you a prompt and allow you to see the type of hold; or (2) None of your grades have been posted yet for the current quarter.