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Spotlight on Student Success:  Mestia Duncombe

For years in Jamaica, Mestia Duncombe planned for and then put off going to college. She graduated high school and worked in accounting in her home country, Mestia Duncombe but after immigrating to America two years ago, Mestia decided to once again pursue her dream of going back to school to become a Certified Public Accountant. Since high school diplomas were not awarded in Jamaica, she quickly realized she needed to earn a GED in order to enroll in college.

Last August, while driving by the WGTC Coweta Campus, Mestia saw the sign for free GED classes at West Georgia Technical College. She called and got started on her journey to earn her GED.

“I started the class and got the two best instructors for me,” Mestia said. “They were patient, and their continuous encouragement really helped me on this GED journey. I say ‘journey’ because quite a few months had passed, and I was too timid to take the practice test. My family kept encouraging me and telling me, ‘You can do it!’ So I finally took the bull by the horns and tested. The result was good, but not good enough for a scholarship. So I did more practice and finally met my goal.”

Each step of the journey, Mestia credits the encouragement of her family and instructors with giving her the confidence and courage keep going. Test by test, Mestia continued her journey. She reached her goal in May 2017. Now she is enjoying her first weeks of college classes.

Mestia’s advice to students currently working towards a goal is, “Stick it out! It will benefit you.  When you hit a snag, don’t stay in that position. Share your struggle with someone, like an instructor, who will give you the right encouragement, then stick it out!”

While she put off her dream of going to college for many years, Mestia encourages individuals today to realize, “You’ve put it off long enough! Get started now. Especially in the society we are now in, you NEED to have your GED. If you haven’t started yet, START now!”